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Hello there! This page is dedicated to my books. There is a super basic synopsis, then some quotes straight from the book! I hope you have fun!

Just Your Ordinary Girl

(Written 2014-2015)

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Genre: Action/spy

Word Count: 20,122

When Mandy saves a stranger from being mugged, she gets thrown into an adventure she never bargained for.

I was pulled along for a long time, my heart pounding the whole way, the same question repeating itself over and over in my mind: What did they want with me?

“Mandy, what happened to your mom?” 
I jerked up my head towards her, I had not mentioned anything about my mom. This girl was either scary good at perception or it was in one of those things she had to look up for my file.
“She died six years ago.” I said slowly.

“I’m not worth that much of a risk.” I sighed, finally settling my tears, but now almost stunned at what he had been willing to do to protect me.
“Yes, you are. Plus, now we’re even.” Matt said, smiling a little bit. 
I laughed a little, “I guess so.” 
“Come on now, we’ve got to get to A.C.T headquarters. We’ve got an even longer report to fill out now.” 
“Thank you Matt, for saving me.” 
“Your worth it Mandy, even if you don’t believe it.” 

Am I Forgetting Something?

(Written July 2014 for Camp NaNo)

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Genre: Comedy

Word Count: 10,131 

What if two people with amnesia were stuck together? 

Two hours of questions and tests and all I could remember about myself was that I hated Elmo, and I’m pretty sure that was triggered by the Elmo scrubs the nurse wore. By the end of it both the medical staff and I were frustrated with my condition. Knowing that you hate Elmo isn’t much to base your life off of now, is it?

He gave a mock gasp. “We must be thieves and law breakers!” 
“Which one of us is the thief and which one is the lawbreaker?” 
“Well, we both just broke the law and admit it; we’ve both taken those little bars of soap from hotels.” He said shaking his head sadly. 
“I can’t admit to something I don’t remember!” I cried defensively.
“We really are a sorry pair, aren’t we?” He gave an overdramatic sigh.
“I shall take off my hat to us.” I said chuckling. 
And we both took off imaginary hats and held them over our hearts before replacing them and bursting out laughing.

“With our luck I’m probably a mad scientist and you’re probably a politician.” I smiled. 
“Politicians aren’t all bad.” 
“Name a good one.” 
“Kelly, that’s an unfair thing to do to someone with amnesia!” He cried.


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Genre: Fantasy/Scifi

Word Count: 5506

Jackie just wants to have her own way, but she never knew it could make her heartless.

“If you’re not careful,” His tone was threatening “the Heart Mistress will be out here to speak to you about your behavior.”
“The Heart Mistress!” Jackie laughed “Dad, only you old people could believe in something so silly. No one has ever been able to prove she exists and I’m afraid you can’t use that fairytale as an excuse to make me obey.”

“You are headed for unspeakable evil, and something that will make this place that will be the past look like a perfect fairytale. If you continue to go on the path you are on, you will not even be able to speak a kind word again.”
As Jackie stared into the lady’s eyes, in them she seemed to see the horror the Heart Mistress spoke of. It was vague, but horrifying none the less.
“You must turn your act around, or you will be set in your heartless way before your eighteenth year.”
“Heartless?” Jackie echoed in an awed voice.

“You are all gone.” 
Jackie jumped up from the bed, she knew that voice. Low and behold, there, by the other wall, stood the Heart Mistress. The red on her dress as flaming red as ever. 
Jackie laughed, “What? Are you here to try to make good again?” 
“There is no longer any use trying,” the Heart Mistress said; her voice flat “you no longer have a heart

Currently Writing: 

Just Your Ordinary Sister

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Genre: Action

(Book four the Ordinary series)

There's only one thing keeping Mandy's family from being whole, and that would be her sister, her dad and herself.

Return to Sherwood Forest 

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Genre: Historical

(Book three of three in the Heroes of Sherwood Forest)

After two years Arthur still can't get used to living as a peasant. He was born a prince and he cannot settle down until he has tried to get his rightful place back.

A Bedraggled Princess

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Tabitha is torn between two sides of her family as she tries to decide just where her place is in this world.

Genre: Non magical fantasy

(Book 5 of 7 in the Thaylonian Princesses)

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  1. These are all great ideas, Mikayla! Do you have any published books?

    1. Thanks, Madddy! I do not have any books out yet, but I am looking into that as a possibility for the future! =D


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