Monday, March 27, 2017

Everything is Changing

Well, this is being written rather late at night. That is because the last two weeks have just been unbelievably crazy for me. Actually, looking back on this month so far, I'm really not sure how all this managed to happen in just a short twenty seven days. I never knew how much my life could change in that short of an amount of time. 

One of my best friends got to come and spend a week with me (I will be sharing a video about that soon! Well, hopefully it will be soon. I am making no promises as to timing.), That was amazing to just chill in my house with my friends. 

I got to talk to one of my best friends after a prolonged separation. That was amazing. There is nothing like talking to someone who you feel comfortable around. 

On top of that, my family has been going through some changes. There good changes, but all changes come with growth pain. 

On a completely light note, I am 0% prepared for Camp NaNo next month. I know, that's nothing really new for me, but I'm even amazing myself with how unprepared I am. I hope you are more prepared if you are doing it.

I want to know how your week was, would you comment below and tell me?

Friday, March 24, 2017


Drowning under a sea
Can’t get a breath
Even though I get air
Its not enough
To combat the water
The waves keep pushing me
Further and further under
The pressure lets up
I break through the water
Air fills my lungs
And I can breathe again
Life pumps through me
It’s better than ever before
It’s like I just now
Learned to live
And then
I get plunged under again
But the waves can’t hurt me
I have air in my lungs 
I have life in my veins
I’m alive
I know for sure 
the air will come again
The waves don’t have the power
To kill me 
I’m alive
Let the waves come if they want to

Monday, March 20, 2017

Meraki Box Review

Okay, first off, what is a Meraki box? I pulled this description the site:

​Meraki means to do something with soul, with creativity; to put something of yourself into your work. There could not be a better description of what writers, authors, and editors do. Every word is written with love, with passion, with hope. Our boxes are designed to encourage and inspire literary artists.

Every Meraki Box© contains several (4-5) literary items. Whether it's pens, pencils, stationery, planners, paper, desk accessories or pretties, you will receive an assortment of the goodies no writer can resist! The products you will receive will be a mystery until their arrival.

Super cool, right? Well, they've got an awesome selection of boxes, they have a coffee, chocolate, tea, no food, and a mystery box. I personally ordered the no food box because its a couple dollars cheaper. One of the coolest things about Meraki boxes, is the price you see (12-15 dollars) is the price you pay. There's no tax, shipping, or anything. Isn't that awesome? If you don't want a whole box, or want something just a tad cheaper, they also have Meraki mailers, which are a smaller about of stuff in an envelope. 

I was looking for something fun to do, so this was perfect. So I ordered it and waited impatiently for the first of the month to roll around so it would ship. It arrived in very good time, which was super awesome. I'm used to cheep shipping and long waits when it comes to this kind of thing but it came pretty fast. 

The box was decorated with a super cute gold ribbon (Not pictured because of the addresses show to much), which was just an awesome touch. Opening it up, my stuff was on that cute confetti you can see in the second picture. As you can see I got some pretty fun stuff. All of it is pretty nice quality, and I've already dived into the notebook because its so nice. The page flags have also been really useful, and they are even in my favorite color!

So, if you're looking into a Meraki box, are just looking for something to brighten your month, or are looking for a gift, I would highly recommend this. You can buy it for just one month, or get a three month subscription. 

Heres where you can buy them: Meraki Box

So, have you ever gotten one of these boxes? If not, are you thinking of getting one? 
Comment below with any questions!


Friday, March 17, 2017

Comfort Zone Love

Loving can mean giving the thing you want to give the least. Or not giving the thing you want to give the most. Long story short, love is pretty much the definition of stepping out of your comfort zone.
As a wise pinterest quote said “Comfort zones are beautiful things, but nothing ever grows there.” 
In order to love, we have to step out of our comfort zones every single day. Probably quite a few times a day. Because God didn’t call us to be comfortable. He wants us to grow. That can mean anything from sending a text, to telling someone something hard, to anything really. Only you can know what you are called to do. But I can guarantee it doesn’t always stay inside your comfort zone. 

I’m pretty sure that after St. Patrick was kidnapped, enslaved, then finally getting free from the Irish, going back to witness to them was not on his ‘inside my comfort zone list.’ That had to be one of the hardest things God called him to, yet you can see all the good it did. St. Patrick made an impact. 

Elizabeth Elliot’s husband was killed by an tribe, and God called her to go and witness to that very tribe. Probably not what she wanted to do.

Love isn’t always that hard, most of the time I think it’s much easier. But it is our decision weather to love like God called us to. Its not easy, it’s not in our comfort zone, but its worth it.

What’s a way you’ve had to step out of your comfort zone lately? 
Happy St. Patrick's day!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Recommendations From My Week

Hey guys! I thought I'd share a couple of my recommendations from the week. Its not much, but I hope you enjoy it!

Music: Live Forever by Matthew West
(My favorite song is World Changers)

Blog Post: Gold from A Purpose and a Promise
(This is awesome!!!)

Gift Idea: Meraki Box 
(These are awesome to get for yourself, or a friend)

Book: Never by Grace Pennington
(This book is AMAZING!!!)

Instagram: Books for Christian Girls
(Her feed is a book lovers dream)

Contest: Meraki Box Photo Contest

Comment below if you check out the stuff, and what you think of it!
Care to give me some recommendations? I'd love to hear them!