Monday, August 13, 2018

Creatively Dry

Well, some of you may have noticed how scetchy I've been with getting my blog posts up (If you didn't, that's 100% fine. I don't keep up with anybody's blogging schedule). There have been a lot of light night postings, and poetry thrown up without a glance to make sure spelling is corrected. (Who am I kidding, I never do this anyway)
Honestly, I've really missed sitting down like this and spending quality time on a blog post. I've felt rather creativly dry, and running to keep up with everything. Camp NaNo this year was amazing, but super time consuming.
So this is my rambly way of telling you that I am going to take a break from blogging. I think I should be back in about two weeks, but I don't know. I'll definitly be back for my August Highlight's post. 
I'll still be here to reply to comments, and comment on other blogs though. =)
I'll see y'all then, okay? Enjoy the rest of your month! 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Choose Your Own Ending

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Hello everyone! Today I’m taking part in Sarah Holman’s, Choose Your Own Story, event. This is to celebrate the release of her latest book, Escape and Endurance (In this event, you get to pick the outcome of the story by making choices. A lot of different things can happen. What are you waiting for? Start your adventure by clicking the image below.

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Sir Andrew dropped his hands to his side and was about to move toward her when the princess spun around and pushed him into the room. Before he had time to react, the princess had locked the door. She laughed.

“Did you really think that I would be so easy to persuade.”
“Let me out.”
She laughed and walked away. 
It took a while, but Andrew finally succeeded in breaking down the door. He returned to the castle only to find the princess had arrived before him and spread the tale of what she had done. 
In the end, he supposed that he was the one to learn a lesson: Never trust a princess.

Displaying The End.png

Are you interested in reading about a knight, a tower, a princess, and a servant? Pick up a copy of Escape and Endurance! Haven’t read the other books in the Tales of Taelis series? Not to worry. Each book can stand alone.

About Sarah:

Displaying 111 Author - closer.JPGSarah Holman is a not-so-typical girl, a homeschool graduate, sister to six awesome siblings, and lives in the great state of Texas. If there’s anything adventuresome about her life, it’s because she serves a God with a destiny greater than anything she could have imagined. You can find out more about her at her website:
You can join the Adventurers (her newsletter) by going here:

Thank you all for joing us!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Your Eyes

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

I look in your eyes 
Those lovely blue eyes 
I’ve looked at them so many times 
So many happy smiles held there 
And tears pooling 
I stare into those eyes 
Those lovely blue eyes 
That used to be more familiar then my own 
And my heart falters 
As I realize 
I don’t recognize them anymore 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

July Highlights

This month was one of the most hectic, crazy, and amazing months this year. I find it hard to put it all into words.

My siblings and I got into a board game called Pandemic and it has now been played dozens of times this month.

Well, this month I turned 19,  and my family threw me a great family party! My dad took me out to breakfest (best. breakfest. ever.), we had spagetti for lunch (My favorite. We have it almost every week, but I love it so much), and played games. We had s'mores, and just enjoyed hanging out. My sister and I took a late night walk and saw fireworks (We celabrated on the forth). Overall, pretty awesome day. =)

My siblings and I playing Pandemic

I edited my Sci-fi novel Flight from Kelar twice this month, sort of. Once I went through and marked it up with highlighters (Which was pretty awesome), and then the second time I was implenting all the notes. My family bought be sweet tea from Sonic on multaple occasions and helped fuel my work. I managed to get the whole thing done and I added six thousand words. I am pretty happy with how that turned out. =)

Rebekkah and I
I got a hang out with the most awesome mom in the universe. She took me out to Panera (a rare treat) and we got a library card. We found a new purity ring for me since I lost my old one. We packed so many things in, and finished it off by having fried tortillas (I can't spell their name, sorry) and getting honey all over our fingers. <3

I got to throw a surprise party for my sister! That was just about the best. =D

Three of our five cars broke. O.o (Yes, we have five. Nine people live here.) We've got one fixed and the other two being worked on! 

My sister and I entered the Illyon Cronicles contest. We had a blast making a costume and taking photos! We didn't end up placing, but it was really fun anyway! 

This was our entery into the contest

We said goodbye to our old couch Sang B&TB while polishing the floors 

I played ping pong with a little four year old girl named Rylee. She wanted to try it with a bouncey ball. We nearly demolished the room, but we had fun. Little hugs are the best. 

I tried my hand at making kolaches with my sister Rebekkah. They turned out really good. =D

My sister and I got to babysit the best kids for a night. I got to draw pictures for them, hide during hide and seek, listen to kid stories, read books, and tuck them in for the night. I used to think I didn't like kids, but I think my carrerr as a babysitter has proved me wrong. 

My favorite book was The Robe followed, but other then the Nancy Drew Diary book, I loved them all!

Cover Reveal Jaye L. Knight 
Moving on A Farm Girl's Life
3... 2... 1... Write A Storynerds Life
Right Isn't Easy A Purpose and a Promise
Get To Know Me Tag The Left-Handed Typest
The Great Summer TBR Sunshine and Scribblings 

Overall, it was a great month. I am ejoying a break from the stress of camp though. 

Friday, August 3, 2018

Three Words

It’s weighing on my chest
Pressing me down
Choking me
As I know it will have to
Because it has to come up
I have to say the words
I’ve said them so many times
But I’m not ready to do it again
I’m not ready
My heart beats faster
Yet it seems to stop as well
My lips part as I try to say the words
But my head screams at me to stop
We shouldn’t have to say these words
So many times
But we are saying them again
The words are spoken
Whispered in a husky voice
Something dies inside of me
My heart stops completely
I feel empty
Just because of three words
“Goodbye, dear friend.”

I wrote this awhile back but decided to post it for a friend who is having to say a hard goodbye right now.