Monday, May 13, 2019

Go With the Flow

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Go with the flow 
Go with the flow 
Don’t fight it 
Don’t listen to people 
Telling you to fight 
Go with the flow 
Let your emotions 
Pull you out 
Be adrift on this water 
Of man built ideas 
On your whims and thoughts 
Don’t fight them 
Go adrift 
Don’t use your ore 
Be carried out where 
The waves crash 
Go with the flow 

Don’t go don’t go 
Fight your way out 
Fight against your own ideas 
Go against your emotions 
Don’t follow the current 
Of your own selfish ideas 
Fight your way to shore 
Paddle till you ache 
Make your way there 
Where you’ll be safe 
On a shore built by God 
With arms to hold you 
And to help you 
Don’t go with the flow 
Fight it, fight it
And find yourself 
On an unmovable shore

Friday, May 3, 2019

April Highlights

Hello everyone! This is one of my first duel posts. I won't be doing this for long, so please go over and follow me on to keep updated!

Participated in Camp NaNo, and wrote 10,000 words. I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted in my story, but I did meet my goal.

So. Much. Weeding. But really, I loved it. 

I listened to Defy while water marbling. I recently discovered water marbling and I love it. 

I went to the dentist again, this one ended up being not so great, so we kind of just ignored all his advice. ;P  

I tried my hand at lemon pound cake. It turned out surprisingly well!

It was my Grandpa Leroy's birthday. He's in a nursing home, so we drove up to see him and spent the day with him. 

We went to an amazing passion play, and then we had our Passover celebration. On Easter we spent the whole day together at church, and then just chilling. Passover and Easter are my favorite holidays, so it was a really good weekend. 

I went to bible study with my sister Grace, and we had a late night fries run afterward. 

I registered for two events happening in six months. One a bubble run (I've never done one before, but they had free registration and it looked fun), and I registered to go back to the Gospel concert I attended last year.

My whole family went bowling. We found a great deal which included the food and went. I made two strikes, ate a ton of pizza, and had a blast. We had never been as a whole family before, so it was really fun to do. 

My sister Rose and I went to the beach for a couple of days, which was the best. I rode my first Ferris wheel, swam a ton in the ocean, rode the ferries, went to the Moody Gardens, and we ate ice cream on the beach. 

My favorite was probably my re-read of Defy, and my least favorite The Treasure of Secret Cove, though I liked all the books I read this month.
New Routine Stories by Firefly
Spring Pen Pal Ideas A Farmgirls Life
Internet Friends of The Left-Handed Typist

Friday, April 26, 2019

Link to My New Blog

Hello everyone! I'm here with exciting news! I am finally ready to share the link to my new blog!!

So here it is, you can follow the link, or click on the image.

Starting Tuesday I will be duel posting on both Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Father, and Mikaya Holman. I will do this to give everyone a chance to move over to the new blog. 

I am so excited about this change, and I pray it is for the better. Will you go on over and tell me what you think?

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

I Used to be the Best (Or at least I thought so)

I used to be the best. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I was on my blog. I had it down pat. Procrastinate until the last minute, then scurry around and slap something up on the blog just in time. But, I did it. I never missed a post, not really.

I used to be the best. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I would very faithfully do the kitchen. In our house, that means all dishes, cleaning, and meal prep. I was good at it. I rarely ever needed help, and I really prided myself on that.

I used to be the best. I would always reply to emails the day I received them. I replied to letters the next day, and I always sent people prompt birthday gifts.

I used to be the best. I mean, what could be so hard about slapping stories onto paper? I would just sit down, and write stories. I could pound out 20k in a month and have a decently well-rounded story.

There is one problem with being the best. At least there was for me. One day, I wasn't. I don't know what happened along the way, but I think it was something called reality. That reality didn't hit for a long time, but one day I looked up and realized what had been coming on slowly for a very long time.

I was no longer posting three times a week. Or two. I was struggling to post once.
My kitchen days were looking a little dirtier, and a bit more sloppily done.
Emails sat in my inbox for weeks, letters even longer. I even missed a couple birthdays.
I struggled to get words on paper.

At eighteen I came to the conclusion that probably should have come much earlier in my life: I was not the best and I never had been. 

I failed in a lot of the areas I prided myself most at. Some of them a lot more serious then I've mentioned here. And once I hit that bottom where I saw all the places I had failed, I realized something: I'm okay with not being the best.

I did hit a point once where I just wondered why I should even try if I couldn't be the best. But God's been showing me a lot lately that He doesn't call me to be the best or to never fail, He wants me to follow Him.

I know that I am not done with this struggle, but at least for now, I'm okay with not being the best. I'm okay with not being the most amazing friend or writer, or blogger. I am content to just try my very best, and rely on God's strength to keep me on track. He wants me to follow Him, and I'm learning more about that now than I ever did when I thought I had everything together. 

I am not the best. And I am okay with that.

Friday, April 19, 2019

The Stone Was Rolled Away

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

Joseph was set free from the pit 
The Israelites were set free from their captivity 
They made it to the promised land 
Jerico's walls came tumbling down
Their foes were defeated 
David's sins were forgiven 
Solomon was given the wisdom he asked for 
Ester helped secure the lives of a whole race 
God sent messengers to His people 
Jesus healed everyone who asked
The stone was rolled away 
Jesus raised to life 
He left his spirit 
And He's coming back

God likes happy endings. Don't worry. Sunday's on the way.