Friday, May 25, 2018

Love Always Hopes || A One Sentence Dialog

Hello everyone. It's been over a year since I've posted a one sentence dialog. I was hit with inspiration last night, and finally wrote another one. 

If you haven't read the past installments in this unorthodox series, find them here: Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four. Part Five.

Here you go!

Where to next?
The post office.
You have no letter.
I know.
Are you waiting for something?
In a way.
What way?
I am hoping rather than expecting a letter.
How long has it been this time?
A year.
And you still think she’ll write again?
I hope so.
You’re a fool.
I know.
What gives you any reason to hope?
God does.
He will not write a letter for her.
Now, but He can move her to do so.
Do you believe He will?
I do not know.
And yet you hope.
What if it comes to nothing?
And she never writes to you again.
It would hurt.
Wouldn’t you also prove your hope was ridiculous?
I am never ashamed to hope.
To hope in God is never in vain.
Even if what you hope for does not come about?
He still shows His hand at work in my life.
So you believe it is worth all the disappointment?
I do.
I’ll take you to the post office now.
Thank you.
One more question.
How many times have you hoped for this letter?
More times than I can count.
Than I was right.
You’re a fool.

What did you think?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

More on Andrea's Star

This is the beginning to my book Andrea's Star. I'm still working on this story, so I have a kind of love/hate relationship with it.

Andrea lay on her back, staring up at the stars. I should have been looking at the stars to, but the little girl next to me had captured my attention far more than the glistening points above.

Her bright blue eyes took in everything above as though it was pouring strait into her soul. The stars reflected in her eyes, making her look younger than her ten years.  

“You're not looking at the stars,” Andrea giggled, flopping over onto her side to face me. 

A grin lit my face, “That's because you're much more interesting than they are.” 

“But Katlin, we're out here to see stars,” her small mouth turned down in a pout. 

I bit back the laugh that threatened to take ahold of me “Okay Andrea, I'll watch the stars.” I turned my attention very deliberately upwards. 

I heard her shift next to me, and her small body pressed up against mine. 

A smile snuck onto my face as she rested her head on my arm. I looked back up at the sky. Covered in a brilliant array of white specks, it looked like some kind of magic had been spread over the heavens. Across the sky, in a faint strain, I could see the Milky Way. The huge galaxy where I called home was spread out in front of me, so much larger than I ever could imagine. 

Out here in the country, the cares of home seemed to slip away into the sky. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Freedom in the Dark

Late at night 
Trouble sleeping 
Working on things
That should have been done
A long time ago
Enjoying the quiet
Soaking up the dark 
Enjoying the freedom 
Doesn’t matter how much you did
Or how much you’re doing 
It just matters that it's getting done
The voices of self-destruction 
Have gone to sleep for now
So maybe here in the quiet 
Is the one place 
We are really free

Thank you God, for freedom in the dark.

Monday, May 14, 2018


I decided this evening that it had been to long since I did one of the 'currently' posts, so here we go! I tried to narrow down the list so it wasn't a monster to read, because apparently last time I decided that length was not a problem. ;P 


Reading... Grace and the Preacher by Kim Vogel Sawyer and Half-Blood by Jaye L Knight.

Watching... birds coming to our feeder. (Also I'm super excited because with my new zoom lens I can now do bird photography again!

Listening... to an Evermore cover by Josh Groben. I have not watched the new Beauty and the Beast, but my sister found this song and I love it!

Writing... book reviews and emails. They are never-ending. ;)

Trying... to finish a lot of work today so I can take off part of tomorrow guilt free.

Crafting... cards to send to friends. I'm not saying I'm any good at it, but I enjoy trying to come up with cute designs.

Doing... lot's of schedule re-working as different things come up and I don't meet self made deadlines. I'm trying to find a schedule that works well for me.

Luke and I on a walk. =)

Loving... my awesome family. (I mean, my mom made me a stuffed elephant, just because I talked about my imaginary pet elephant named Alfred. She even made him a bowtie like I described. I could go on with my serious examples of how my family is awesome, but we only have so much time here.)

Hating... procrastination.

Discovering... how much I had missed summer heat. I took a walk the other day to enjoy the 97° weather. (Pictured above)

Enjoying... how easy Survey Monkey is to use. (If you haven't filled out my blog survey, you can do that here. It would mean a lot to me.)

Feeling... tired. I got up early today. =P

Thinking... about my next editing project.

Hoping... that I can finish said editing project done in just a few days.

Considering... how I'm going to fit some reading into the schedule today.

Starting... to work on a couple reviews in earnest

Finishing... up some short projects so I can go make stuffed bell peppers.

What are you up to this week?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Blog Survey (Calling All Blog Readers)

Hello everyone! I have been thinking about revamping my blog lately, and I could really use your help. I've created a short survey and it would mean the world to me if you could fill it out. Even if you only read my blog once in a blue moon or you've just started following your responce would be very appreciated! Free virtual cupcakes if you do it! ;)

The survey is only seven questions and should only take about 3-5 minutes to fill out.

I've put the embedded survey below, but just in case that's not working for you, I've also left the link.

I spent way more time singing along to Broadway's Beauty and the Beast than I did actually creating this surveys. (Mostly Home. Such a good song. <3)


Create your own user feedback survey

Thank you so much for your time!