Friday, December 29, 2017

I Refuse

An azure stream on a rocky bed in the mountains
Photo by Danny Postma on Unsplash

I refuse 
To give up 
To say 
This is
 As good as it gets 

I refuse 
To let this 
Be normal

I refuse 
To quit 
To say 
I am not enough 

I refuse 
To let this 
Be normal 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas || My Top Books of 2017

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas!! I hope your day has been amazing! 
I thought I'd go ahead and share my top books of 2017. First I'm going to start off with a couple short storys! All links lead to Goodreads.

33015956 36573613 35275004Andora's Folly Friends and Enemies

Short Story's:
(I will not be counting these with my books, but I felt they deserved a spot here.

 1. Andora's Folly by Abigayle Claire
(An amazing retelling of Pandora's box)

2. Last Wish by Valerie Howard 
(This story left me crying)

3. Red Boots by Kate Willis
(A sweet, heartfelt story)

4. A Place Called Lonesome by Jesseca Wheaton
(Had me crying in a good way)

5. Friends and Enemies by Jessica Greyson
(Awesome story collection)

The Girl Who Could SeeExiles (Ilyon Chronicles #4)Martin Hospitality (Martin Generations, #1)Control Girl: Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the BibleEmmeline (Vintage Jane Austen)

My Favorite books of the year, not necessarily in order.

1. The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson
(This was probably one of the best written books I've ever read)

2. Exiles by Jaye L. Knight
(One of my favorites in this series so far)

3. Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Claire
(An amazing debut book with a powerful message)

4. Control Girl by Shannon Popkin
(Now my number one favorite non fiction book)

5. Emmeline  by Sarah Holman
(An amazing retelling of my favorite Jane Austen book)

Brothers-in-ArmsGrace Triumphant: A Tale of the Slave TradeAt Every TurnFirmament: GesternGift from the Storm

6. Grace Triumphant by Alicia A. Willis
(A powerful portrayal of grace)

7. Brothers-in-Arms by Jack Lewis Baillot
(An amazing, and realistic view at WWII)

8. Gift from the Storm by Rebekah A. Morris
(An awesome story and mystery)

9. Firmament: Gestern  by J. Grace Pennington
(Thought provoking and action packed)

10. At Every Turn by Anne Mateer
(A beautiful story with a great message)

What are your favorite books you've read this year?
Have you read any of these?

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Past

Me. 2017.
I was looking through my files tonight and I found a poem I wrote three years ago. This isn't anything super deep, or anything; its just the ramblings of a fifteen year old who was ready for Christmas. Said fifteen year old didn't keep with a consistent style of poetry, or care if it made sense or not, but I hope you'll like it anyway!

Twas the night before Christmas
When all through the house
Not a person was sleeping 
Bedtime everyone was breaking
But no one really cared 
Because the crime was shared 
Mikayla was pinning like crazy 
And being all together lazy 
But she couldn’t go to sleep 
Well, at least not very deep. 
She was too excited about the next day 
Even more then she could say 
The music coming through her headphones 
Is all cheer and nothing like the moans 
Tis getting quite late into the night 
But sleep is still not quite in sight
She must read a chapter or two 
Or maybe a whole book might insue 
But she doesn’t care that much 
As the circumstances are such
But now she will go 
And lie very low 
But the morning can’t come soon enough 
Not only because of all the stuff
But because of the family that will be there 
Who all will all love me and care

Monday, December 18, 2017

Bells and Truces

Well guys, we've got one week till Christmas. I have the lingering affect of a cold, but they aren't stopping me from writing tonight. Two of my inspirations right now are I Heard The Bells and this video about the Christmas truce in World War One. The Christmas truce has always been one of my favorite story's. If you haven't heard about it, you should check out the video!

I've never been into writing Christmas story's before, but for some reason this year I really wanted to write one. We'll see how it works out. =)

What are you up to today? 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Little Ones

Little feet  
Jumping on stairs 
Little arms
Reach for you 
Hold them close 
Love them most 
Before they're gone 

Little hands 
Grasp yours 
Little giggles 
Burst forth 
Play with them 
Sing with them 
Before they're gone 

Little mouth 
Smiles at you 
Little curls 
Getting unruly 
Draw with them 
Dance with them 
Before they're gone 

Little feet 
Running to you 
Little arms 
Reaching for you 
Hold them close 
Love them most 
Before they're gone 

Thoughts from a babysitter who's clients are moving away.

Also, something to check out; Kara Swanson did a guest post and giveaway on A Writers Faith.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


In today's online society, there is a lot to complain about and a lot of people to do it with. We've got our laundry list of what is wrong with today. And, amazingly, people sympathize! There are lots of people who understand the frustration of whatever it is that your going through. It's an amazing feeling to find other people who understand.

But on this online society we have an amazing troupe of people. These are the encourages. The people who are willing to be transparent. The people who share their struggles not for understanding, but to help us in our Christian walk.

I have been amazed by these warriors. Every time they post I am reminded that my problem are small in the hands of such a big God.

Ivy Rose shares her struggle with a chronic illness. She is transparent about the pain it causes and Christ honoring in the way she does it. I have been so inspired by her story, and encouraged by her cheerful spirit.

One of my friends has been extremely honest with me about her family struggles and has amazed me with her courage and trust in God.

Alicia Willis has shared about the pain of miscarrying her first daughter, Grace. Her faith and hope in God is amazingly powerful. 

Guys, we are not all called to share our struggles online for everyone to see. But God does call us to share with others. These women's amazing story's and raw honest have changed me.

In this society online, they are making a difference.

In feeds full of small complaints, what if we rose up and shouted the truth. What if we so filled peoples ears with the truth that small complaints just wouldn't matter anymore?

Friday, December 8, 2017

It's Here

Yup, that's me. ;)

Snow falling
Lights on trees
Cookies in the oven
Carol of the Bells
Cold nights
Warm fires
Friends coming over 
Wrapping presents 
It's a Wonderful Life 
Lots of cuddling 
Live nativity's 
UPS delivery every day
Secret plans 
Reading the story 
Smiles from God 
Seeing stars differently
Red and green
Wishing to be with freinds
Snow ice cream 
Glass balls 

Some may say Christmas is coming, but for me it's already here. These things I listed are only a fraction of what makes Christmas so amazing.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

November Highlights

November was packed full of all sorts of awesome stuff. Most of it involved writing for NaNoWriMo! =)

We got to decorate the food pantry for Christmas. That was pretty fun.

I got to be a part of Rebekah Morris's Christmas book release, the Vintage Jane Austen tour, and Bound by Victoria Lynn.

Stargazed on hammock at midnight with my sister Grace. It was pretty awesome.

Dallas skyline

Watched Alone Yet Not Alone. This is a Christian film about the French Indian war. It was really good.

My family decorated for Christmas! It took us quite a long time to get the whole house decorated, then me and my sister did our room. =)

Stayed up till midnight for NaNo, and started writing. Then I promptly crashed forty five minutes later. I was just working on novellas, so I finished Just Your Ordinary Thief (its better then it sounds) at 23,500. Autumns Dance at nearly 18,000. A flash fiction The Coffee Shop Girl  at 1,500. And the beginning to Andrea's Star 7,000. I had a really hard start to NaNo as I was very uninspired, but it all worked out. I found a site called Fighter's Block that's a race against the clock to finish your word count. I'm looking foreword to finishing up Andrea's Star and editing my other projects.

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Dallas with my mom's family. This was the first time we had been up there in awhile, and it was awesome!

Our washer brook. We got the lovely experience of going to the laundry matt once before some friends came over and fixed the washer. 

Favorite book: Finding Joy by Rebekah Morris, but the whole top row was pretty amazing. 
Changes on Summer of 1999

Senior Updates Totally Graced

NaNo Pit stop #3 Audrey Caylin

Her Heart in Your Hands Burning Youth

A Glimpse of Starlight A Purpose and a Promise

Stop Settling + Rise and Counting Stars Letters to Jayna

How was your month and Thanksgiving?
Did you do NaNo? If so, how did it go for you?