Friday, January 30, 2015

Food for Thought #2

I want to say something really quick before I get to my post: 

Sometimes I find it super hard to describe my life. Because this morning I was really sad and on the verge of tears because I was pretty sure I had turned into this annoying person who was scaring off all my friends. 
But this evening I feel just about on top of the world. 
I mean, I'm sitting here, writing a blog post, wearing one of my favorite hats just because I can, chewing bubblegum, listening to awesome music, gearing up to go back to a Christian co-op that I haven't been to in three years and my cat is asleep next to me. Could life get better then that? For me; not by much.
God really blessed me today with realizing that even if one aspect of your life isn't going really well, your still loved. And even better then that, that even though a day started bad, it doesn't have to end that way to. 
Sorry about that rambling, I just was so blessed I wanted to share with all of ya'll as well. =) 

Now on to my post. ;D

For the next few weeks I'm going to be posting about friends. Not how to make them, not about mine, but simply how to keep a friend. I have been blessed with several friends who have stuck with me for a really long time (We're talking 8+ years here) and being a talkative person I would not say I'm an expert at making and keeping friend but I do know a good deal about it. 

My number one piece of advice with friends: Say "Thank you". 
You might never know how much it means to your friend to just say thank you. It can be for the fact that they have stuck with you through something, that they made you laugh, that they texted you or whatever but I can not tell you how many I have been tuched/tuched someone because of a Thank you. 
They may not even know they did anything that tuched you which makes the thank you even better. 

Your all amazing!

Proverbs 17:17 
A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Writing Wednesday #1

Hello everyone! Its so nice to have you here for my first ever Writing Wednesday! =D 
Today I want to share a little list of advice I came up with awhile back. Each piece of advice is started by a different letter of the alphabet. 
Enjoy! =D 

 A good writer never:
Bashes other writers just to be rude,
Creates names that no one can pronounce but you,
Drags a series on past its real story,
Enrages readers with the ending to a series,
Forgets the true meaning to a story,
Grabs every chance for a romantic scene,
Holds to much regard for backstory,
Irritates readers by ending each chapter with “And this would change they’re life forever”,
Joins up two annoying characters, making them unbearable,
Kills the main character,
Laughs at editors,
Makes readers wait to long for a sequel,
Neglects to give your character a good quality,
Opts out of the editing process,
Produces stereotype characters for each book,
Quits in the middle of a book,
Reads to much advice,
Secrets a story away for too long,
Tells everyone the ending to the book,
Understands all grammar rules,
Visits to many people in the story,
Waits to long to reveal an important secret in the story,
Xpects people to believe you’re a good speller if you thought that was really how you spelled expect,
Yawns when people are telling you about their books,
Zips a characters lips when you really need to know something


Monday, January 26, 2015

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #30

It seems like all I've been posting on "My Life" posts are random photos. =P So, I'm making a spechel effort to take photos that tell something about my life and save the random photos for during tags and such. ;D 

But anyway, since I had already uploaded these and did not have time to upload more meaningful photos, you get more random ones. ;D 

I love fog, it makes everything look so pretty. =) Anybody else like it? =)

Our road.

Okay, thats the end of the pretty fog photos now you get a cologe of random photos from my week which I liked. ;D

This is part of a dreamcatcher Grace made and I was taking photos of it for our etsy store. =) 

This is a Jane Austin period doll dress I made, I really loved how it tured out. =)

My dad does not like Toothless very much but the cat keeps going to sit by him. ;D

Okay, I hope you enjoyed those! 
Is there anything ya'll would like to see photos of from my life? 

Saturday, January 24, 2015


What am I? A coward. I, who prides myself on my forwardness and ability to shrug off unwanted feelings made a decision based purely because I didn't want any negativity. How ninny am I? 
One the 8'th of this month I was given the great joy of meeting two of my best friends in the whole world. We had talked online for over a year and then they came to Texas and we met up. 
I wish I would have shaken off my thoughts and posted about this sooner but... believe me when I say I had a good reason for feeling a little held back from doing this.

Please enjoy the photos and check out these to beutyful girls blogs. Its Jessica and Julia, they could make a comedy duo if they wanted it. ;D 

 Jessica's blog: (Almost) Perfectly Pink
Julia's Blog: Awesome Cowgirl

On the way to meet them. Grinning like crazy because I was texting Jessica that we we're only two minutes off.

First hug with Jessica. Probably one of the best moments of my life.
(Sorry these next few photos are fuzzy, they were taken from a  long distance, I couldn't wait for Sarah to catch up to me, I had to give Jessica a hug)

Added Julia into the hug. =D

Accidentally knocked off her hat but I was still grinning like an iddiot, ;D

Jessica, me and Julia just inside Mission San Joes in San Antonio.

Haha, Jessica got a photo of Sarah taking a photo of me. ;D 

Jessica and me. =D

Jessica and Julia. =)

One of the doors, Sorry we got sidetracked. :D

Please pray that Jessica forgives me for posting this picture but I thought it was so adorable I couldn't help it!

Julia and Jessica. =D

Jessica, me and Julia the next day at my house. =D
(In Jessica's defense, he heart does not belong to a horse, she borrowed the shirt from Julia. ;D)

Grace, Jessica, Me, Rebekkah and Julia. =D

Jessica and me.

Us again. ;D

Julia and me. =D

Jessica typing on my typewriter while Rebekkah braides her hair and Julia helps.

Jessica, me and Julia with Best Friend Forever necklaces held out. =D

Us three holding the necklaces. =)

Mine is the middle section. =D

We played Monapaly and I put all the peices in a circle and Jessica put the two dogs in the middle. ;D

The dice. Facanating right. ;D

At the end of the game, Jessica moved it so one dog was victorias in a fight. ;D

This was an amazing way to start my year. And Jessica and Julia are awesome friends. I was so amazingly blessed by being able to meet them. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Food for Thought #1

Sometimes I’m not honest

Yes, I know that was probably met with a lot of sarcastic gasps and people saying “Well you are mortal after all” but it really does hurt sometimes.
One of the things I really try hard at is to give my opinion honestly when asked or on blog posts on friend. Or in anything really.
I failed, miserably. 
One of my friends did a post and not wanting to offend her I said I really liked the post. Which was a half-truth. I liked the post but I didn't agree with the point she made in it. She had thought out all the points very well and I appreciated that but I just didn't agree with her at all.
Now the girl that wrote the post I’m talking about knows what post it is because I've since apologized and told her I really didn't agree with her so you don’t have to worry about it being you.
My point of this rambling?
Always tell the truth, but use tacit. Think through weather you’re just telling the truth because you want them to know you think there wrong or if you feel you should really confront them about this.
There’s a very fine line between these two and in my opinion, you should pray about it and then if you don’t have a clear answer one way or the other just stay silent. You can always say something latter if you feel you really need to.
Sorry this was a short post but I felt I really needed to say something.

“How painful honest words are!” Job 6:25

Monday, January 19, 2015

My life (In as many posts as it takes) #29

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I didn't start my new series, some things came up, which I'm about to tell you about: 
1. My sister Rose left for Michigan for an almost three week trip so she can work on marketing for "Beyond The Mask" and so we've had to do her chores and such. And also, its really lonely without one of my sisters. =( 
2. Sarah went to spend a few days with some friends of hers so its twice as lonely without her. =( 
3. I've started back up on school. Which I have really enjoyed doing. Its awesome to get back into the swing of it. I've been doing fairly well at Algerbra, learning some fun stuff in history and failing in Handwriting like normal. ;D

So here are some random photos taken during my week, mainly of Luke. =D 

Also, mainly of him running. Isn't he adorable? =D

Rebekkah helped me and we got several pictures of Luke jumping across our creek. =D I'm sure we looked pretty funny, calling him back and forth across the creek about seven time. ;D 

He's little "I love you" look as Rebekkah pets him.. =)

He caught me taking the photo. ;D

Isn't he the CUTEST!!! =D 

Does't the pound look gorgous?? 

This is a fabric I was working with to make a dress, turns out it look really stunning in the sunlight. =D

I caught him sleeping, I love my puppy. =) 

Oh, as a little note, its my friend, Jessica Joys, 16'th birthday so if you would go over to her blog (Almost) Perfectly Pink and comment I'm sure it would make her day! =D 

Hows your school going? 
Ever taken photos of a dog jumping before? =D