Monday, March 31, 2014

Interveiw with Mikayla L.

Hey everybody! This post is part of a series I'm starting that's interviews with young bloggers. I hope you enjoy them!

Today I have Mikayla L. from a private blog. =) 

Hello and welcome to The Bubblegum Ballerina, I'm so glad you have you here!

Thanks for having me, Mikayla!

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Mikayla L, and I am 14 years old.I love to read and write. My favorite book is the Bible. I like to finish what I start, put on plays, blog, email my friends, hang out with friends, be with my family, go horseback riding, read about horses, look at pictures of horses, have parties, be loud, watch movies, play card games, enjoy each day, drink hot tea curled up on a chair with a good book, and have fun. And I can't seem to stop talking... like ever!

How long have you been Blogging? 

About two years now. My first blog is like my online diary. I write about everything awesome that happens to me =) My second blog is all about baking, and I post my favorite recipes there.

Why did you begin Blogging? 

I started my blog after my family took an awesome trip to Branson, Missouri, and I wanted to write it down so that I would never forget it. Then I started a new blog and turned my old one into a baking blog.

How did you choose your blog title? 

My personal blog is titled ' Moments with Mikayla' because I post about all the fun moments in my life. My other blog, ' The Cookin' Cowgirl'  was named after the fact that I am just that – a cookin' cowgirl!

Whats your favorite blog?

Hmm... I have so many favorite blogs! Some of them are The Bubblegum Ballerina, Future Homeschool Authors, Homeschool Authors, and Bits 'n' Spurs.

What are some of your hobbies? 

Writing and horseback riding. And does shopping count as a hobbie?

What three words describe you best? 

I had to ask my mom about this one ;) So she said she thinks I am intelligent, caring, and extroverted.

Whats your favorite book? 

Ember Flame by Kaycee Browning.

Whats your favorite movie? 

Disney Frozen

Whats your favorite TV series? 

Robin Hood by BBC

What is your favorite color? 

Light blue.

Whats your favorite animal?


Whats your favorite word?

Catastrophe. Pretty much because it is the longest word I know how to spell.

Which do you prefer, email or phones? 

I can't pick! As long as I am in touch with a friend, both are awesome.

Do you have a Pintrest account?

No. Maybe someday I will get one, though.

If you could meet one person who would you meet? 


Who is your favorite fictional character? 

Ember from Ember Flame. She has a big mouth and knows how to use it.

Thanks for giving up your time so we could get to know you!

Thanks again for having me!


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Hey guys, I need your help. As you know I'm editing Robin Hood. Or attempting to as the case may be. Most of the stuff I'm doing is re-writing small portions so its nothing anybody else could do but I need your advice. I don't know why but my writing voice is messed up, I can't seem to get back on the roll of this book and get into Robin's character. I'm even having trouble listening to the accents that are trying to get through. I've tried listening to music, looking at photos of the characters and just forcing myself to edit anyway and I still can't get back into the nitch which I really want to do. Any ideas?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Facts and words

Ah, my faithful audience, your here again. Good, I've got another word for you I hope you enjoy!

Filibuster: Refusal to give up the floor in a debate to prevent a vote.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Fun facts and words:

Bonjur! I'm here with the with a fun word for you. :) How are you doing? 

Cockamamie - Absurd, outlandish.


Monday, March 17, 2014


'Ello. How are ya'll doing? I'm editing. And yes that is a state of being for me. I finally decided to take a break from my critics and ya'll with a piece of advice. Before you laugh I'll let you know that's its something my mom tells me all the time and I think we all forget sometimes
 "For every negative comment you make say at least two positives." 
Now sometimes when your editing your book's that's really hard because its usually easier to see the fault in something then the merits. At least its that way for me sometimes.
Well I'm off to nurse my cold with Gilligan's Island and my kitten. See you latter! 

Criticism tells us how to correct our mistakes
Complements tell us we are good despite our mistakes

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fun facts and words

Hey guys, here is the word of the week. I hope you like it! :)

Collywobbles: Butterflies in the stomach


Monday, March 10, 2014

Danger in the Distance

Hello everyone. As most of you probably know i just finished editing Danger in the Distance so I thought I'd introduce you to the characters. 
Just so you know all photos used in this post are from Pintrest. I clam no copyright. 

When the story starts out, in September of 1940. During the Second world war Karen, the main character is 14. Amelie (A french form of Amelia) her best freind, is 13. And Elliot is somewhere around 16. 

Karen at her home in Englad.
This is Karen at her Home in London. I'll get a frount shot in a moment.
Young Amile
And Elliot. 

And here is them all at the end of the story. When there 18 (Amelie) 19 (Karen) and 22 (Elliot) 

A Perfect picture of Karen

This is Ameile!!!



So there you go! What do you think? Do you like photos of my book characters?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fun facts and words

Hey I've got a fun word for you today and honestly I can't even pronounce it but I love the meaning of it. :) 

Abibliophobia: The fear of running out of reading material. 


Thursday, March 6, 2014

My day

Hello. It feels like I've been writing to ya'll a lot lately. I've finally gotten back on track with school, blogging, editing and reading and all at the same time so I feel really good about myself.  
Heres an update on my life in general (Mostly today)
I'm currently halfway through editing Danger in the Distance.
I not only caught up on my Goodreads challenge today by finishing three books but I got one book ahead.
I read the 'first' in a long line of biography's for my school work. I'm working my way alphabeticly down our hallway. Which if you've been in our hallway you'd know is going to take awhile. 
I have ten blog post secluded out.
I just met our new next door neighbors who are moving in over the weekend.
I'm in the process of re-organizing/de-junking my room.
I took the photos for the cover of my sisters next book today. 

So yea, I feel really good about myself right now. How are ya'll doing? 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Sunflower award!

Jessica Greyson over at has kindly let anyone who wishes do The Sunflower Award! =D So here we go!  

11 facts about myself:

1. I love shortbread with natella on it
2. I love to dance in our kitchen
3. I enjoy dishes
4. I've never been out of the USA
5. I love the new "Sound of Music"
6. I love blogging but I find it hard to keep up with
7. I talk to my book characters out loud
8. When I'm writing I make lots of funny faces
9. I am one of the Three Muskteers in my family
10. I am currently writing a book which I think might have a prequel, which will be a first for me.
11. I could just sit outside all day.

1. What would you title your autobiography?
A more then quirky writer 

2. How would you describe your feelings to a person who had never experienced love before?

I think everyone has experenced love before, in some shape or form, its weather they have excepted it or not. But honestly I don't know.

3. The sun is setting, it's your last day on earth. How did you spend your last day?
Surrounded by all my friends and family.

4. Your happy color.

5. Your favorite flower is in bloom, do you a. pick it, b. let it grow and slowly fade and dry the petals c. find a way to extract seeds so you can plant even more next year.
B. I like watching it grow.

6. Your worst fear has come to pass. What just happened?
The mint and chip ice cream ran 0ut!!! ;) Seriously my worst nightmare would be if something happened to my family.

7. Though a series of  events you suddenly find out you are a princess, how do you handle this? Do you resign and go back to private life, or believe that some people are born great and others have greatness thrust upon them, and that this is your duty come what may.
Um, I wold probably freak out. I hate politics so I might resin. Then again theres world travel in that job so you never kn0w. Depends on what happened. :) 
8. What animal have you always wanted to keep for a pet that you are sure no one would let you keep.
A Otter. Those little guys are the cutest thing ever. :D

9. You get a chance to live overseas for one year, where would you go and what would you do?
I would go to Australia, New Zeland Holland, England and Ireland. Spending nights in Castles and on beaches and taking hundreds of photos. :D

10. You fall asleep and wake up in your favorite childhood storybook. What are you going to do and how are you going to get out?
My favorite childhood storybook was "I'll Love You Forever" And I don't think I'd want to get out of that book, i loved it. :)

11. Do you multi-task? Does it hinder or help you?
I can multi-task sometimes, not always. It depends on what type of multi task. :) I can write what I'm reading as I'm reading it really well. =D 
And whoever else may be reading this, please feel free to do it as well! 

I'm not even going to tag anyone, if you you want to be tagged consider yourself tagged. :D

Here are my questions for you: 

1: How Long Have You Been Blogging:
2: Why Did You Choose Your Blog Title:
3: What Is Your Favorite Color:
4: Do You Play An Instrument?  If So, What:
5: What's your favorite blog?:
6: What Are Your Hobbies:
7: Write One Word, Any Word.
8: What's Your Favorite Book:
9: How Many Books Do You Own:
10: What Is Your Favorite Film:
11: How Many Elephants Are There Underground:

Monday, March 3, 2014


Hey! How have you been? I've been great as always. :D 
I realized something I really hadn't told most people. I love poetry. I write mostly silly poetry. It really started because my family has an ongoing game of rhyming. Someone acadenaly starts rhyming and it can go one for hours. :D I wrote a lot for my book "Robin Hood" as Allen A'Dales songs. :) I wanted to share one with ya'll so here you go, its for the ending of "Robin Hood". 

For two years we’ve worked day and night
To save our king from a most terrible plight
We worked to collect a ransom
The money growing quite hansom
Now our king if safely home
We’ll have to live all alone
So cheer up Robin’s merry men

Until we are needed once again

Do you like poetry? If so what type do you write? Would you like me to post more of my poetry?