Monday, June 30, 2014

My life (in as many posts as it takes). #2

Hey, sorry I'm a bit late today. I was cleaning out our pool and got a bit distracted. =P 
So, this week has been pretty boring. For the most part all I did was School, cleaning and reading. I'm re-reading through my Nancy Drew series and also getting through a lot of biogerphys. =) 
Oh yes, I almost forgot, I've been editing. I've been making terribly slow progress. =( 
I'm also getting ready for my fifteenth birthday on Saturday. =D
Well, here you are, pictures of of the house and land. 
We'll get into the house next week. =D 

This is our driveway.
This is at the bend in the driveway, we just couldn't resist. =D
This is our tree house, sorry its sideways. =P
The back side of our house, its the side you see when your driving up. =) The one window in my room is sorta hidden by a tree but if you have good eyesight you can see it, its the third window from the left. Its REALLY hidden. =P

Our house from the front. =D
Our cars, if you look at the picture above this would be placed on the very far left of it out of view. 

Our chicken run. =) I don't really love chickens but they are nice bug repellents. =)
I just had to trow in some up closes. I LOVE pictures of grass. =) 

The cat is cuddles and the dog is Luke. I Love Luke. =D 
Gosh I LOVE this picture!
A path leading down to our wet weather creek.

The bridge we built, you can actually see the indents to the right where in once sat but then the water moved it.

Tothless came up while I was taking pictures. =)

Oh yes, I saw a flower. =) 

Thanks for reading! =D 

Monday, June 23, 2014

My life (In as many posts as it takes) #1

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for my non regular posts, it annoys me a lot. =/ So, to help myself I have written a new blog schedule that is more conducive to my life.

I'm discontinuing Fun Facts and words due to the fact that I'm running out of ideas for it. Sorry. =( 

I'll be posting every Monday around 2:00 with "My Life (In as many posts as it takes)" which will include pictures of my family, our house, land, my room and stuff such as that. Basically I'm giving you a virtual ture of my life over a long period of time.

Also I'm going to spend the next week improving the blog. As you can see I've already added Labels to all my posts and a box on the sidebar of them for your convenience along with Blog Archives. I'm also going to update all my pages. =) 

I hope you enjoy this new series, if you have any suggestions on how to improve the blog please comment and tell me! =) 

All the kids, going from left to right its Grace, Sarah, Micheal, Me, Rebekkah and Rose. =D 
Below is all us kids from oldest to youngest.

Sarah. =) Sorry its tilted. =P


Micheal. My only and amazingly awesome brother.


Rebekkah, my best friend. Isn't she Beautiful?!

Me. Not my favorite photo of me ether. =P

Ah yes, and me having fun.
And now my parents then group shots. =)

My dad, again sorry its tilited. =P

My mom. =D

My mom and dad together, your glad I didn't post a picture of them kissing. 25 years of marriage and there still mushy. =) 

My mom and Sarah. 

Me and Grace, my buddy who listens to everything. =D

The Three Musketeers as we like to be called. I'm number three, Rebekkah is Two and Grace, being the oldest musketeer, is number one. =D
To Truly apretate the following three photos, pretend there a stop action movie. =D

Same for these. =D

Yes I'm the second one over on the left and I'm making a goofy face. =P

And our whole family! =D

I hope you enjoyed these. I really love my family. =D 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hey faithful followers. I'm saying that because if your reading this you've got to be faithful. Frankly I'm amazed you are still reading my sporadic posts. Life has been a bit hectic around our house, with five out of eight members of the family going to work four-five days a week, leaving my mom, Rebekkah and I to do the chores. Also I'm keeping busy writing up an entry to a contest, writing in two books I'm co-authoring, attempting to edit Robin Hood and also preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo next month where I will be writing 10.000 words in a short story comedy called "Am I Forgetting Something?" hopefully. 
Not to mention keep up with half a dozen hobby's. =P Also I'm having a lot of fun because me and my siblings are starting a Drama group, which we will start up in the fall hopefully. =D
So this weeks busy, but fun. Enjoy the pictures!

I believe Micheal took this one

Thanks for reading!