Monday, July 28, 2014

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #6

Again, I was going to show you something supper awesome: the rest of our house. And this time I have a better excuse then I just didn't make the time to upload the photos. Well, you see, I grabbed the camera and went out to start taking photos and of coarse this was the week that everyone had a project out and strewn all over the house. So yea, its pretty messy and I'm not sure you could see the house through the mess. ;) So, I will do that post next week when things are a bit cleaner. =) But today I'm going to share photos that really show off my love for randomness and humor. There's not a lot and I'm sorry about that but I had to dig through folders and folders of photos just to get these. =P 
I might give you an update on my life latter this week but today I just don't feel like it. Sorry. =P  

These are my magic marbles, there little round squishy things. I love them. =) 

That's Rebekkah and out cat Cuddles, I just thought it was cute. =) 

Mirror photo of me holding the camera.

What happens to my desk when the magic marbles are in sunlight.

I like my shoes, what can I say. ;) 

This is obviously the boys club at the park. All of them wistfully looking into the water. ;D

One day I put flowers all through Rebekkah's hair, it was so pretty. =) 

You may remember this photo in miniature from my first "My life" post, but I thought I'd share it up close with everyone. Go ahead and laugh, I am. =) 

I tried transferring words onto nail polish, it turned out really well if I do say so myself. =) 

Like what person thinks your going to stop on green? Or better yet, what person doesn't know to stop at the light? ;D

I would hate to know what went on this weekend with this bunny. ;)
Who am I kidding, of coarse I would. ;D
I hope you enjoyed that, I guess I should have done more but its been a hard day. =P 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Three award post rolled into one.

I think I'm making it a regular thing to post near the week as well as on Monday, oh well. I hope you enjoy my ramblings anyway. =) From the title of this post you can probably guess that its an award post, three of them. All for the same award. The Libester. Which I'm actually thrilled that so many people thought of me! First Sarah Margret, then Holly and last but not least Julia Ryan! If you get the chance you should defiantly check out there blogs. =D
I have a small announcement before we start though: I WON CAMP NANO!!!!!!!!! 10.128 words in 25 days was tons of fun! I will defiantly be pertisapating in Camp NaNo again. =D

2014 Winner - Facebook Profile

Okay on the the awards, I'll be going in order of when people awarded me and instead of skipping over questions or facts because there are so many I'm just going to skip over listing the rules for each one. =) I'm just going to do one rule listing, which should be susficant.

Acknowledge the blog that nominated you. 
List 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can’t nominate the blogger who nominated you)
Ask them 11 questions

Sarah Margret's questions. She blogs at

My eleven facts to go with this 
 1. I love Avalon 
2. My favorite author is Jessica Greyson
3. My toenails are painted with just plane sparkles. =) 
4. I'm reading the classic 56 Nancy Drew's for the second time now
5. I own all 56 of the classic Nancy Drew's 
6. I'm a bit of a Nancy Drew freak
7. I love The Incredible Hulk. 
8. Watching birds play is one of my favorite pastimes. 
9. I'm almost exactly like Jane Austins Emma, just ask my family.
10. I thought The Lego Movie was really cute. (Have any of ya'll seen it?) 
11. A lot of my online friends think its weird that I use the word Ya'll. Northerners.... ;) 

1. What do you think about dressing modestly?
I think its a very important part of your life. But, unlike some girls, I don't really even have to think about it most of the time. Its just what I've been raised to like and I don't prefer to debate about it with anyone.

2. Do you like math?
Yes. Sometimes I get annoyed when I'm beyond stumped but I really do enjoy figuring out number problems. =)

3. When is your birthday?
July, 5, 1999. Also I was born on a Monday if anyone was interested. =) 

4. What is your utmost favorite holiday?
Passover. Its the best EVER!!! =D

5. Do your like your hair curly or straight? :)
Boy, I wish I had an option but I don't. My hair will not curl, wave or anything. So I guess I like it strait. =) 

6. Do you have any favorite blogs that you really like? :)
usually like my favorite blogs. Sorry, couldn't resist. ;D My favorite blog is (Almost) Perfectly Pink. =)

7. Do you have any plans, goals, ect. for your blog someday?
I hope to get about 20 followers and have three series going. =) I'm currently working on both. =)

8. If you could go anywhere in the world at any time period for one hour where would you go?
South Carolina. Present day. Not only am I about to write a book set in SC but I have a really good friend who lives there that I would be thrilled to meet. =D

9. What is your favorite dessert?
Frozen chocolate or chocolate covered marshmallows. =)

10. Kittens or puppies?
Puppies. There happier. =)

11. Do you have any plans of what you would like to do when you grow up?
I want to be a writer and I want to design my own covers with photos I take. =)

Next is Holly over at =) 

1. I'm listening to Everything Is Awesome, from the Lego Movie. =) 
2. I am in love with =) 
3. I'm taking the rest of the month off of writing
4. I have two journals, one on the computer and one I write by hand. 
5. I write in my by-hand journal every night. =) 
6. I don't like most traditions
7. I have more friends online then in person. =) 
8. I spend way to much time on the computer
9. I love balloons
10. I really love action books
11. I have a lot of trouble finding action books that are good

1. If you could describe your homeschool (or homeschooled life, for those who are graduated) life in five words what would they be?
Awesome. PerfectPersonalized. Fun. Short. 

2. Candy or chocolate?
Wait, chocolate isn't a candy... =O

3.What is your favorite book in the bible and why?
Hebrews. It has some of the most insightful verses into Gods character.

4. What are the top three movies that have impacted you the most?
Ugg. I really don't watch TV much and when I do its usually silly things to unwind. But I guess Matthew, Amazing Grace and Bell and The Beast (Not to be confused with Disney's Beauty and the beast.)

5. What is your all time favorite song at the moment?
Healing Begins. Has been ever since I first heard it about a year ago. =) 

6. How many siblings do you have?
Six. Five sisters and one brother. =D

7. Where's the farthest place you've ever traveled?
Washington DC. =) 

8. Where's your favorite place to travel to?
suppose you mean on a regular basis. So I guess I would say San Antonio, its a very fun place to walk around. =) 

9. Who do you hope to see soon? 
One of my best friends Mikayla L. But , sadly, I don't actually think it will happen anytime soon. =(

10. Book or camera?
NO!!!! Don't make me choose! Thanks like asking me which limb I'd like to cut off!

11. Who is your all time favorite hero? 
Hum. I guess ether Mr. Knightly from Emma or David from The Incredible Hulk I can't chose. =)

And lastly Julia Ryan over at

1. I have at least 50 tiny gars of glitter strung up in my room. =) 
2. I collect cork lid containers
3. I love shiny penny's
4. I would live at Hobby Lobby if they would let me. ;) 
5. I have tons of snuggles and I love them all dearly
6. I am wearing all purple at the moment
7. I wish I was as tough as some of my book characters
8. I'm falling asleep now that I've been staring at the computer for over an hour
9. I love Patrica St. John
10. I'm REALLY running out of facts
11. I hate Lime Green.

     1. If you were in outer space and your friend started drifting off, what would you do?
Probably sit for a moment then go "Wow, that was a beautiful friendship. Oh well." ;)

2. What is your least favorite blog? 
I wouldn't know, I don't keep up with stuff like that. =)

3. If you had nothing to eat would you, eat grass, flowers, tree bark, or dirt?
Flowers. They sound the most edible.

4. If you were woken up by a screaming sister telling you that your older sister was badly injured and bleeding, what would you do? 
Probably scream too, then rush out and see what I could do to help.

5. What post did you laugh the most at on my blog?
I haven't been following you long enough to really laugh at much, so I wouldn't really know. Sorry Julia.=P

6. Have you ever climbed on the roof of anything? (like garage, chicken house, etc)
I used to spend a lot of time on the roof of our old fifteen passenger van. =) Other then that, not that I can remember.

7. Do you wear a promise ring? (Or purity ring)
No, but I will get one when I turn 16 next year. I'm not exactly looking forward to it.

8. Do you have a favorite meal to cook, from scratch? No boxed meals, ladies! ;)
Chicken spaghetti and I'd love to satisfy you Julia, and say I make the noddles myself but I don't. ;)

9. Have you ever tried to break a broken egg against something? 
Why in the world would I try to break an already broken egg?

10. If a stranger walked up on the streets, handed to a note and it said "Don't look at that car". What would you do? =D 
I would look at the car. Then promptly punch the guy for giving me a note.

11. If you could clean a house (even the bathrooms! ;) )  with 5 bloggers, who would they be?
Jessica Joy. You, Julia. Mikayla L. Ty and Deborah O'Carrol. =)  

Oh wow. I survived! ;D Thank you to everyone who nomanted me! I would nomante more people but I'm afraid I'm nomanted pretty much everyone I know in the last round! If anyone would like to be nomanated though just comment below and I'll come up with questions. =D 

Monday, July 21, 2014

My life (In as many posts as it takes) #5

'Ello! I'm glad you could stop by today. =) First I'll start out by giving you a little bit of s update. 
I guess not a lot has happened; now that I'm done with Robin Hood I'm dedicating a lot more time to my Camp NaNo book, which I'm really enjoying because its just a for-fun book. =) 
 Also, if you could add us into your prayers that would be nice. Yesterday we went to help a friend move and we were snubbed and we don't know why. Kinda silly but I'm still hurt about it. Of coarse when I got home and was filliping through my bible I found every verse about loving people despite what they do to you, God has such an annoying way of telling you exactly what you need to know. ;) 
Today I'm going to share the rest of my room with you, I'm sorry for the grade of photos, I took them in about five minutes so I could get them uploaded on time to show you. =P I hope you enjoy it anyway! =) Oh and by the way, I share the room with my sister Rebekkah who is two years older then me, a denim and leather kind of girl and still completely awesome despite that fact. =D

Entering our room, I guess you can't really see it but on the door there is a sign that says "Caution: May Contain Nuts." =) 

My pretty shelf, with my plants. =) 

This may seem like a weird mix but Rebekkah and I love fancy glasses and this was the only place they fit.

My jewelry box and a lot of miscalculates stuff for decoration. =)

My friend wall, my favorite part of my room. =D I put pictures up of most of my friends, don't take it pursanlly if your not up there, it probably just means I haven't had a chance to print out a photo of you yet. =) 

Rebekkah's and my three favorite verses, Romans 8: 28-29 John 3: 16 and the fruts of the spirt. =) 

My little side of the book shelf. The M, is for holding notes and dad gave me the poster for Valentines day because he said it looked just like me. =D

My signed picture from an astronaut, Orian badge and Nasa charm

The bookshelf!!!!!! =D

My three... =) 

Fun stuff on top of the bookself. =) 

I made a boat in a bottle... =) 

My mom got me a sand castle. =)


I got this at the Purple Store in San Antonio, it actually fits me really well. =D
Our clost. =) 

Fun shelf. =)

The dresser and hair station. =)

Me. ;) 

My 'Pintrest' board for at home, they really are pintrest photos I just printer of and made into a cologe. =)

I really love quotes.

This is a disk I guess you could call it that Rebekkah and I cut off from our only Pine Tree when it died.

Our bed, the bottum one is mine. =)

I just got a kit for window art, you can see how its working out. =P

Our view. 

The view from my desk. =)

Our lightswitch doesn't work so we have a fun lantern like thing. =)

More quotes. =)

MY NANCY DREWS!!!!!! Oh yea, and all Rebekkahs candy gars that she collects and our tea cups. =) 

I collect quock gars. =)

I suddenly reallized near the end of this shoot that my kitten had been in there the whole time. =D

This is Rebekkahs desk, its a bit messy at the moment. =)

This is Rebekkahs, belive me if I had my way it would not be in here. =P 

I like little stick on things. =)

My plug, it makes me smile. =)

A view of my desk from my bed. Taken when I crashed after a LONG day. =P 
I hope you enjoyed these! Is there anything you want to see more of on my blog or around my room?