Saturday, September 28, 2013


I'm sorry my posts are so erratic, I'm sitting at the Georgetown library uploading photos to blogger, hammering out blog posts and listening  to one of my favorite bands on YouTube, DiVida. If you have the time check them out, they've got some awesome songs. :)
Their music is a life saver right now because if I wasn't listening to something I would be falling asleep, I had to get up a 6:30 this morning. :P I hope you enjoy listening to them, Forever in my Heart is my favorites of theirs. :)


Hello I would like to take the time to do something meaningless and somewhat boring. :)  I'd like to introduce you to my Kitten, His name is Toothless and he's the cutest kitten I've ever seen. He loves his chin being scratched, he sleeps inside on somebody lap most of the day and is wholly convinced that he is a indoor cat even if he isn't. =)

Sleeping with his chin ready to be sractched by anyone who might come by. 

He got his first kiss from Luke. =) 
He took a two hour nap on my lap his first day. =)

An closeup. =)

He was trying to conquer the box. =) 

He's not gofy in the least. ;) 
We got a shot together just for fun. :)

Well I hope you enjoyed meeting Toothless (Named after How To Train you Dragon) Hopefully I will get more consistent on my posts! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today marks twelve years since 9/11. I don't remember the day but it changed my life. I just want to thank all of the family's who gave up their happyness, there loved ones and their family for us. We'll never forget it.