Friday, January 12, 2018

Going on Break

I don't think I've ever taken an official blogging break before. I've always scheduled out posts. 
Well, this week, I need a break. I'm unplugging from the blog completely.  I feel like I have gotten off focus with this blog and I need to spend some in prayer to refocus and figure out what I need to do next. 

Also, I will no longer be allowing anonymous comments that do not have a name on them. So please just sign your comments (It can even be with a nickname) so that I know its not spam!

So I will see y'all soon, hopefully with a renewed vision for the blog. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Highlights of 2017

Hello everyone! Its really hard to belive 2017 is over already. It was a really good year, with lots of ups and downs. I picked out my top highlights to share below.

The strips from my blessing jar.

I got to surprise my best friend by driving to SC and dropping in unexpectedly on her birthday. Then she and her family came down and spent a week with us later.

I cut my hair for the first time since I was like five. (Actually I did it twice)

I finished writing and editing my first full novel, Flight From Kelar.

I participated in CampNaNoWriMo twice and NaNoWriMo, completing my storys What I've Become (10k), Healing Rain (10k), Autumn's Dance (17k), Just Your Ordinary Thief (20k), and Andrea's Star (7k).

My parents took my sister Rebekkah and I on a graduation trip to Colorado where I got to see one of my oldest friends.

I turned 18!! We went to San Antonio to celebrate and it was perfect and a few days latter I got my drivers permit!

I met Abigayle Claire, Jessica Greyson, Ivy Rose, Alicia Willis, and Rachelle Rea. Talk about amazing authors!

I took my first plane trip to spend a week with my friend Micaiah and her family. This was amazing.

I got my senior photos done by Lindsey from BFCG and sent out my official graduation announcements.

It snowed. Here in Texas. I was so happy!

And here are my top blog posts from the year:

Worth the Wait Totally Graced
(Such a beautiful reminder)

Gold A Purpose and a Promise
(Now one of my favorite poems ever)

Change Your Words Burning Youth
(Hitting me where it needed to hurt)

Its Okay to Be Okay Twilight to Dawn
(Felt like a breath of fresh air)

God in Fantasy Fiction Adventure Awaits
(Amazing post that's hits be again every time I write) 

What Few Ever Knew Lakeside Publication
(The inspiring story of Ivy's struggle)

 Pity Party's are My Specialty Elizabeth Anne
(A raw and perspective changing post)

Choose To Believe (Or Not) Letters to Jayna
(Powerful truth told in a relatable way) 

Why I am Rethinking the Language I use The Barefoot Girl
(Something I've also been thinking a lot about)

What were your highlights of the year? Any favorite posts? Hit me with the links below and I'll check them out!

Friday, January 5, 2018

A New Perspective

Some days are dark
I feel all alone
Like my last friend is gone
And all I want to do
Is sit and commiserate
I struggled
I fight
I try my best
I fall
I fail
I let God pick me up
He shows me what I’ve been missing
The people who are always there
The right path
The joy in little things
And to show how much He cares
About the little things in my life
He sent me sunshine and moonlight
Some days were meant
For reveling in what God sent
I will unashamedly enjoy His gifts
And I will thank Him every chance I get
For giving me
A new perspective.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

December Highlights

Well, this month flew by at the speed of light. But it was awesome. 

We went to a place called Main Street Bethlehem. You walk through the town and get to talk to a lot of different people about the Messiah's birth. It was a very long line to get in, but it was totally worth it! I could have spent the whole night there, but my family did have to go home. ;)

I spent a week of this month sick. My sister made me a nest on the floor with her mattress and lots of snuggles and I just played Nancy Drew games.

Me at the Texan Capitol 

This is Patches, a Christmas present. <3

IT SNOWED!!! I was so excited!!! =D For the first time in ten years we got snow and I spent all day out in it. I also ate way more snow ice cream then was good for me and ate a lot of just plain snow. On new years eve we also got a bit of snow, but none of it stuck.

I tried my hand at making bath fizzys. I love spearmint, so I decided to put some in there, but I forgot spearmint oil gives me a headache, so I had one for the rest of the process. Lesson learned, think through oils before you use them. But the fizzy's turned out well. =D

This is Patches again with a blanket we got for Christmas.

I started writing a Christmas short story, but I never got around to finishing it. ;P

I spent some time cleaning the extraneous books off my to-read list. I now feel much better about tackling the pile now. But lets be honest, I'll probably just end up reading random books I pick up for most of the year. I am really bad about actually reading my to-read books.  

Flowers in the store.

My family celebrated Christmas a bit early because that's when we could all get off work. So we actually ended up opening our presents one night, then having a chill day the next where we completely unplugged. Then the next day we cleaned up our decorations, and we went to a Christmas Eve service. 

I completely cleaned out my room. It took me two full days, but I managed to get rid of a good amount of stuff so now I have a bit more breathing room. 

I got to make cookies with a little girls. This was a unique experience because most of what she wanted to do was dig her hands in the flour, but it was fun! 

NaNoWriMo 2017 Totally Graced

Andora Paperback + Snow Shoot The Left Handed Typist

Next week I'll be sharing my highlights of the year if you want to stop back in for that! 
Also thank y'all so much-I now have 56 followers! How cool is that?? Thats my favorite number. Y'all are the best!!

How was your month? Did you have a good Christmas?