Monday, September 29, 2014

My Life (In as maney posts as it takes) #14

Okay, I remembered at the last minute I needed to take photos for this so the photos are VERY random, sorry, but I hope you enjoy them anyway! =) 
Oh, and before I leave you to the photo's I have just a few small announcements (As if I hadn't had enough announcements this week. ;) 
1. You may notice that I made a new blog button for my "Grab my button" thing. That was because I was looking at the button and I realized how out of place it looked on my blog (Probably because I didn't spend much time on it.) so now I have a shiny new one that really repersints my blog better! =) Sorry for how much I've been changing and re-changing on the blog recently but I just decided it needed some change. =/
2. FALLS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks what has made me happiest the past week or so. I don't usually get this excited about fall but oh boy am I excited now!!! 
3. Two of my items are now up on the etsy shop <HERE>!!! I hope you'll check it out! 
4. Jessica is having a celabration over at her blog (Almost) Perfectly Pink to celabrate one year of blogging!!!!!

That's all, I hope you enjoy this! =)

I went to our pool and found this little guy flooting around on our beachball. Obviassly he was happy. ;D

I spilled a gar of glitter all over my desk and we dumped it on the ground, I though it looked pretty cool. =) 

Grass/glitter, theres a combanation that belongs in a fantasy movie. =)

I'm not sure what Grace (Right) and Rebekkah (Left) we're doing but they sure looks cute. =)

The sprouts of my Pansey plants. =)

An AWESOME jurnal I won in a givaway over at

I'm using it as a nature jurnal. =)

Haven't even read Tolkinan but I love this quote. =)

THEY PUT MY NAME ON THE SIDE!!!!! Is that to awesome or what?! =D

One of my old Nancy Drews, I've probabaly read this one ten times. =)

A painting I did for a friend of mine. =)

Sketch I did for a book I'm hoping to write. =)

Sherwood Forest from a map I made for my Robin Hood story. =)

A globe I painted myself. =)

It hangs, which I really love. =) The only country you can see all of in this picture is Greenland. =)

THE LEGO MOVIE!!! Grace got this for me when I was having a bad day. =)

My favorite character was Benny, SPACESHIP!!! ;D

one of my favorite books. =D

And anthor,

and another! =)

One of my favorite verses. =)

An another, though it isn't highlighted because this is a different Bible then the picture above. =)

Yes, I'm VERY excited about fall, even my Ipod (That only plays music) has fall backround. =D

Those things in the bottle are bubles!!! Isn't that awesome? =D
Boy, that was fun, I'll try to post again latter this week! =D

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hey Everyone! I hope ya'll have had an awesome Saturday so far! =D 
I know, you've already heard from me twice this week but I have some links to share and a tad bit of information that I thought ya'll might like. =)

So, first off is that I have updated my "Amazing blogs" page to include a lot more people, I would love it if you would check that out! =D 

Also, if your button was on my sidebar and isn't on there now, don't be mad at me please, a lot of them we're hanging over the edge of my sidebar and looking sloppy so I moved them into the "Amazing Blogs" page. If you make a new blog button that will fit on my sidebar I would love it if you would drop me a note on the sidebar and tell me. If you have a blog button/blog that I didn't include on my list please comment and I will add you! =) 

 Okay, the girls of my family banded together and made an Esty store of stuff we make! None of my products are up yet and I'll post the link again when they are but if you'd like to cheack it out I would be very greatful! =D

And, drumroll please....... my best friend started a blog!! =D 

Oh and one last thing, my friend Olivia, offers promoting for authors on her blog! 
Here's the link:

  Well, I hope you enjoy checking those out, thanks for reading! 

P.S. Did I seriosly just do a whole post without pictures? Yicks! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Just Your Ordinary Girl

Hey everyone! 
You may remember (if you've been following me for awhile) I did a 'interview' with book character Mandy McMullen <here> well now shes back and she brought the whole cast of main characters form her book "Just your Ordinary Girl"! =D 
But instead of interviews I'll be showing a picture of the character (If I have one) then I'll have a tiny section from the book that really shows off they're character.
Before each character is a little explanation on who they are and what there relation is to the main character.
But first, here's a brief description of the book so you won't get confused:

Mandy McMullen is out on a bike ride. That's all there is to it, till she comes across a man being mugged and helps him out. Fleeing in fright after this she returns to her boarding school and reports the whole thing to the police. A week latter, when they still haven't found the mugger, Mandy gets kidnapped. It turns out there was more going on that night then she thought.
Swept up in an adventure with two FBI agents, Matt and Brook, Mandy gets caught in the fight between the FBI and a man desperate to get what he wants. No matter what.

Mandy: main character.  
A fourteen year old girl, going to boarding school in South Carolina, who risks her life for Matt's in an alleyway the first time she meets him.
Full name: Amanda McMullen

Photo Via Pintrest

Mandy walked as silently as she could into her already dark dorm room. Casey lay asleep in her bed and Mandy was careful not to wake her as she slipped her backpack off her shoulder and slipped into her bed, still fully dressed. She was too tired to even bother with changing.
As she lay on her bed, thinking over what had happened that day, one after another tear slipped down her cheek and onto her pillow.
Today was her mother’s birthday. Or, it would have been if she had still been alive. Mandy wasn’t opposed to sharing her grief with other people but she preferred to wait till she could have the soul company of her Supreme Comforter.
“God, I know you have a reason for everything, and I try to understand that, but sometimes my heart hurts so much I think I won’t be able to take it anymore. But I try, I really try to understand. Would you please help me? I know I’ve asked before but I know you never get tiard of hearing from me and somehow it helps to ask you.” Mandy whispered into her pillow, the tears following even more freely.
“God why’d you have to take my mom? Why?” Mandy sobbed, hugging the pillow to her in a desperate attempt to smother her tears in it so they wouldn’t disturb Casey.
“I love you.” Mandy said quietly, laying her head down on her pillow.
“Mandy, why did you risk your life for me?” Matt asked ask they walked down the darkening street.
“Because I know how hard it is too loose someone and I didn’t want your family to go through that, even if I didn’t know you at the time”
“Even if that meant your family would lose you?”
“It would have been worth it to save such a neat guy like you.” Mandy said, shrugging.
“What if I haddn’t been a neat guy?” Matt teased.
“Then I would have wanted to save you even more, so then you could have had a chance to be as amazing as you are now.”

Matt is a single, twenty seven year old FBI agent, currently on the hunt of Jason who is trying to steel top secret information from him.
Full name: Matthew Sanders. 

Photo Via Pintrest

“Matt, why do you always take the hardest tasks?” Brook cried in exasperation.
“Because I’m free enough to take chances and some of those men in there have wifes and kids that depend on them for food and they should not be going into the middle of a gunfight risking their life’s!”
“Be careful for me won’t you?” Brook said, looking up at him with a determined look in her eyes.
“Of course I’ll be careful for you Brook, you’re the only girl I’d think of doing things for.” Matt smiled.
“Don’t get sappy.” Brook said, raising an eyebrow and throwing Matt his jacket from off the rack.
“Me, sappy? Never.” Matt teased, putting on his jacket then helping Brook with hers.

Matt's partner in the FBI and is very insightfull for being twenty-five and often is whom Mandy comes to for advice.
Full name: Brooklyn Hayes

Photo Via Pintrest

            “How’d you know my mom was dead?” Mandy asked, a glimmer of amazement in her eyes.
            “Any girl I know would have said her mom was worried about her, not her dad.” Brook replied, shrugging.
            “Brook, why did you get into the FBI instead of being a Paramedic like you trained to be?”
            “Because the FBI needed agents and I figured I could still use my paramedic training elsewhere but my extensive knowledge of codes and criminal investigation where best put to use with the FBI. My paramedic skills come in handy though, it helped you didn’t it.”
            “Yes and of that I’m very grateful.” Mandy smiled.

The bad guy of this story, hes trying to get information from Matt so he can sell it to the highest bidder and make a profit. But he's nobody's fool, catching him is a though task.
Full name: Jason Field

Photo Via Pintrest
Jason's the one on the right,

            “Miss McMullen, tell me where the information is and I will let you go.” Jason hissed, holding Mandy by her color.
            “I won’t tell you.”
            “Where is it Mandy?” Jason said, putting as much force as he could to a blow on her head, which was met by a cry of pain.
            “I keep telling you Jason, I don’t know, Matt never told. Why won’t you believe me?”
            “If I trusted everybody, I would be in a very sorry place.” Jason hissed.
            “I’m telling the truth.” Mandy said, looking up at him, blood trailing down her cheek from her forehead.
            For a fraction of a second Jason felt a little pity for Mandy; pulled into the whole mess just by shear chance. But then he jerked himself back to reality: She could be inn liege with them, they might have planned for her to be there to help Matt.
            “I want to know where the information is.” Jason growled.

Mandy's roommate at the boarding school, though not considered one of Mandy's best friends Casey is a congenial and sweet person, though a bit to pretty for her own good sometimes.
Full name: Casey Dillon

            Casey watched as Mandy came through the door, her whole body dropping from weariness.
            “Hard tutoring session?” She asked as Mandy dropped into her desk chair and rested her forehead on the desk.
            “It took me an half an hour just to get her to understand what the basic concept of the math problem was, then another hour of helping her through two problems.
            “Math doesn’t come easy to everyone like it does you.” Casey laughed.
            “If tutoring didn’t make me so much money I would give it up.”
            “I haven’t really understood any of the math this year.” Casey said giving a small sigh.
            Mandy gave her the look and Casey held up her hand defenvily.
            “I’m cute not smart, everyone in the school knows that!” She said.
            “Yea, it’s a good thing this is an all-girls school or boys would be flocking here to see you.” Mandy said; half occupied with the book open in front of her.

Mandy's older sister, a bit a an oddball, ready to go where her fancy leads her and not prepared to sit in one place for more then a week.
Full name: Aubrey McMullen

Photo Via Pintrest

A smile played over Aubrey’s orange lips as she turned back to look at Mandy from the steps of the plane, just about to take off for France.
This was a good day for Aubrey, not only would she be going on her lifelong dream to tour the world but she was also saying goodbye to reponsablilty for the next four years while Mandy would be stuck in an stuffy old boarding school with strict rules and lots of work to do.
“Goodbye Aubrey!” Mandy called from the gate with a sad smile.
“Astalavisa.” Aubrey called back. “And good riddends.” She said a little more quietly as she boarded the plane.
“Say goodbye to stuffy old Washington Aubrey” She said to herself “And say hello to a world free of care, limits and little sisters to look after.”

Jason's right hand man. 

“Ryan, take Miss McMullen to her cell.” Jason said, letting her fall to the ground before turning and leaving.
“Come on.” Ryan said, grabbing Mandy roughly by the arm and pulling her to her feet.
“Why do you always obey Jason if you come up with most of the plans that he uses?” Mandy asked as he half dragged her down the hall.
“Because, if I we to not obey him, I would most likely get killed.” Ryan reply’s coolly.
“But why aren’t you giving him orders, your obviously better at coming up with plans.”
“Because, genius, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in jail, which is what would happen if I was the one leading this whole racket and got caught. But as a loyal helper I have a much better chance of getting off if we ever get caught.”
“How did you get into this business anyway?” Mandy asked as he unlocked the whitewashed room which was her cell.
“By pure force.

Well, thats it, I hope you enjoyed seeing into the characters a bit, if you have any questions about them just ask! 
Would ya'll like to see more of these for my other books? And would ya'll be interested in a Q&A with some of these characters?
Thank you so much! 

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My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #13

Wow that was a good week. I think yesterday was the best day I've had in weeks! Do you want to know why? Of coarse you do, or at least I like to think you do. ;) My best friend came over!!!!!! Lauren lives about four hours away so its hard to meet up very often but yesterday her and her dad came over and we spent an awesome evening together talking and laughing. (More laughing then anything.) 
Why is Lauren my best friend? Because shes almost just like me. We've got the same twisted since of humor, we both lost our sanity somewhere and can't find it, she understands and forgives my faults, she never feels threatened that I have other friends and you know what I like most about her? She's put up with my crazy life for six+ years. Shes really awesome. =D 
Shes working on starting a blog so once she gets that up, I'll post the link so you can get to know her to! =D

She's on the left, isn't she pretty? =D 

Oh yes, onto some photos for ya'll: I have a really awesome typewriter. Its not one of those little old black ones, its a 90's typewriter but its really cool, I hope you enjoy seeing it! =) 

Note: That is a cup of iced tea, this is how I write on Sundays, tea, typewriter, dozons of characters crouwding around to make sure I'm writing it right. ;D

My to-read shelf at the moment. =) 

I'm rather proud of the newest dress I made my doll... =) 

Okay, back the the typewriter, sorry. ;) 

If you look on the ink ribbon you can see what I've written last. =D

I love the skript. =) 

See, its got a powered switch, its new. (sorry, I don't know why this ones yellow.) 

Its cover.

A friend gave me this 'poster' and I put in on my desk so I could see it every day while I do school.

So this is what I see first thing in the morning, it always makes me smile. =) 

Random photo, sorry! ;D

I hope you enjoyed that! 
Oh and if you haven't already ansrewed my poll I would be really greatful if you would, its on the sidebar. =) 
I'm up to 20 followers!!!! This is awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! =D