Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ahh, where do I even get started with books? I guess I could say, they can be anything and everything the universe has to offer, they can be old concept of new agey, they can be poetic or jumpy, they can be heart wrenching or life changing, they can be make you cry or make you laugh, they can make you throw it down in anger or keep you turning the pages, they can make a silent point or put it right in front of you, they can keep you entertained  or they can teach you something, they can be historical or modern and they can be good or bad. Does that make my point? I love reading, I read on average eleven books or more a month. Books pretty much keep me sain.  (Well, they would if there was anything left to keep sain.) :D

(Sorry about missing my post last week, it was my sisters birthday and I had a lot going.) :)


  1. Hummm, funny, I like books too. ;) Books are awesome, aren't they little sister?

  2. LOL! Books are a blessing from God. :)


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