Friday, June 7, 2013

Spring #1

Hello and welcome to Bubblegum Ballerina! As most of you probably know I love photography and this spring I've had lots of fun taking pictures of nature here in Texas. So to let you see what I've been doing, here are some of my favorite pictures from the summer. :)

 One of my favorite shots of a rain lily.
The angle made this shot.
   Ah, a new leafs, its one of the best thing about spring.
   It wouldn't be spring without flowers.

      Who couldn't like dandelions?

         Yes, I like spider webs, just so long as there not in my face. =)

  The dividng of light and dark is a majestic sight to say the least.
  Bight spring green, if they could bottle the scent they would make a fortune.

              I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse at my spring! Be assured more photos will follow. 


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