Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Today I was hit with how much a friend can help you, no matter how far away they are. I have a friend who used to live in Texas but moved away six years ago, her name is also Mikayla, that's actually why we met, because everyone thought it was funny that we had the same name, spelled the same way.
Even though Mikayla and I haven't seen each other in nearly six years, we've remand good friends though online chatting and emailing.

No matter if I'm in a great mode or grumpy Mikayla never ceases to make me feel even better then I did before and put a smile on my face.
She is someone that you'd be very lucky to have as your friend, I know I am.
I thank God every day that he's sent me such a good and faithful friend as Mikayla.

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