Friday, August 23, 2013

Locked doors

Sometimes we’re obsessed with the locked door. We just can’t get it open no matter what we try and we ask God to open it and he says “Theres is a better way out of the room then that door” and we go “What!?! A door better then this one! No way! Its got to be this one!” so we stubbornly keep pulling at that door and telling God. “Hay if you took that lock off it would make it easier on both of us!” He tells us he’ll help us up to the other door but no, that locked door had to be something good and easier, otherwise why would it be locked? What if we fell while we were getting up to the door, No, it would be much easier to go though that door, if only God would unlock it. So instead of going though the other door we wait for God to open the locked door and we keep waiting then one day One of two things will happen 1: we relent that the door isn't going to open and we have God help us though the other door. 2: God will open the door for us and we’ll rush in all existed going “See I told you God, its got to be good in here!” and at first it is, until we see the reason God locked that door in the first place. 

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