Monday, January 6, 2014


Shalom my friends. I though I would give ya'll a update on my random life. =)

I started back up on my school today. I also started up on Piano, which my older sister is teaching me. I got requests for interviews out to five authors, I wrote several posts that needed to be writing (including this one), I wrote out my calender and I played an awesome round of Active Life Explorer on the Wii with Michael, Grace and Rebekkah. 

I have not started my editing this month like I wanted to but I have caught up on my blogging work and tomorrow I am going to hopefully start up editing on Danger in the Distance. 

Well thanks for sticking around for this very short post on my day! I'm going to go play a game of Spades with Michael and Rebekkah! 



  1. I like the mix of countries; bonjour, shalom and ciao! Haha! =) Thanks for the update!

  2. Thanks Jessica, I was just having fun. :D I like langugies. :)


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