Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Life (In as many post as it takes) #22

Sorry this is a day late. The girls of the family went out for an all day shopping trip and I was so busy blowing my budget that I forgot I hadn't scheduled this post. ;) =/ 
Good news, I had fun so, you know, I had an excuse. Maybe I can post some pictures of our day and spoils latter on this week. =) 
So, as always during November most of my life has been taken up with NaNoWriMo. Its been going amazingly well this year, I've been amazed because even though I've gotten behind some days and such I've always gotten caught up again and boy, am I glad that its the last week. Strangely enough I am itching to get to editing my story. I want to make it ready for all my friends to read! 
Okay, I'll stop rambling now and show you some random photos. =) 

This is a dress I made for my doll that's my characters outfit from the story I'm writing. =) The mask is actually a Christmas ordainment which I was looking at then I was like "That would fit my doll!" so I brought it and attched a pecie of allastic on it. It fits purfectly. 

Its fall!!!! 

Sorry its tilted. I was taking a picture of a rock I looked up and my dogs was coming twords me so I whipped the camera up and snapped a picture cause he looked so cute! =D 

Don't ask why I like this. Its a quirk. ;) 
I hope you enjoyed that! I'll be back to normal stuff at the beginning of next month with a long boring story of how my storys went and such. 
Thanks for staying around! =D 

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