Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Writing Wednesday #26

It is not always easy 

This is a poem I wrote. I thought y'all might like it.

It’s easy to talk about being brave 
It’s easy to talk about the life’s you’ll save 

It’s easy to say you will always stand strong, 
That you won’t waver all day long

It’s easy to say you will always stand by your friends 
Even through all the hard things that life sends 

It’s easy to think you will always be there 
Always full of love and care 

But it’s much more easily said than done 
It’s really a very hard battle to be won 

To be brave even when it is hard 
To save someone’s life when their scarred 

It’s hard to stand strong when you’re standing alone 
When you’ve been standing so long you have to groan 

It’s hard to stand by friends when it hurts you back 
When all you get from the friendship is flack 

Sometimes it’s hard to be there all the time 
When even being kind is an upward climb

But take a moment and let me tell you this: 
That if you can do these things people will not miss

The love to Christ that is within you
Shining in whatever you do. 

Its not always easy, sometimes its downright hard 
Sometimes it leaves you jarred 

But it is always worth it 
It’s worth every little bit 

It’s worth the tears and heartbreak to
Because that’s what God sent us here to do 


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