Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello everyone out there! How are all of ya'll today? I'm working on editing The McNeil Adventure's and listening to the soundtrack from How To Train Your Dragon. Editing would be boring on any other book but I'm really loving revisiting Cindy (My main character) I've missed her. :) Also I'm looking over the little bit I've done in The Son of Robin Hood (By the way that's only its working title, I intend to get something cooler latter on.) while I was reading I found a song of Allen A'Dale's that I wanted to share with you, its really more of a rhyme but I hope you enjoy it anyway. :D

Twas a sad day when King Richard died
With not his brother at his side
And in his dying breath he said
John would be king once he was dead
He amazed all the heard
With his shocking dying word
Now Prince John has taken the crown
And rules us all with a frown
Now without our rightful king
It’s not much good to sing
We can only hope someday
That the sky will not be grey
And our king will rule us soon
Then I’ll really have a tune

-Mikayla H-

What do ya'll think? I want some feedback here, ya'll have been like a deaf aduance lately. :) 

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