Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hello everyone! =D I'm here to tell you about a lovely giveaway going on over at
There giving away custom book covers!!! 
As part of entering I have been asked to share about the first book I wrote. That would be "Martha's Treasure" A story about a 10 year old girl whos family sets up a mystery for her birthday. It took me two years to write 5.000 some odd words. :) I started it when I was eight. :) I wrote the book because I was tiard of all storys for kids my age where these brilliant, spy, adventures with characters that acted WAY to smart for there age and of coarse I loved writing. Also I wanted something written for kids my age by kids my age. :) I still write books for kids my age about kids my age. =D 

Thanks for this chance to win! 

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