Thursday, February 27, 2014

Random update

Hey everyone. I'm sorry I haven't had many pursanal posts lately. I can't say that I've been abnormaly busy its just that I've been lazy. :P I Just spent my whole morning hunting up contact information for ten authors who seem to not want to hear from their readers. :) Now that I've finished that chore I'm just chilling with Mandisa's "Waiting for tomorrow" and keeping up with laundry. Exciting right? ;) Well thats my life right now, that and reading. I'm atemting to catch up on my Goodreads challenge by reading Nancy Drews. :) 

In case anyone was wondering my writing is going well. I STILL haven't finished editing "Danger in the Distance" or "Robin Hood" Which I had hoped to get done by the end of this month. :( Then again I have done some misc writing that I had really wanted to do and I'm writing a story with my best friend Lauren, which is always a treat. :D I have about five characters begging, pleading and yelling at me to give them some atenchen. I feel sorry for them, their stuck in my head and they have to wait till I'm ready to come out. ;) 

I have one request, please, if you actually read this whole post, comment. :D 

Till next time!


  1. I READ THE WHOLE POST!!! Haha! I liked your truthfulness and admitting that it is more laziness then lack of time. I feel your pain, sister....Nancy Drew books are awesome! Nothing gets better than some good-old-mystery novels. Hardback too! =D Which one are you reading right now? I've read a ton of them. =)

    Well, that's all I have to say, really. My school work is calling my and I'm trying to ignore it's desperate pleas...

    1. THANK YOU JESSICA!!!! Your Awesome! :D Yea, I just spent about two hours secluding out posts though so i can again be lazy till they run out. :) I've read all the Nancy Drew's, I also own the whole series. I'm reading The Secret in the Old Clock. I deiced to re-read the whole series just for fun. :)
      I hate it when school calls me. Its so annoying. ;) Characters I don't mind, they're enjoyable to listain to but school, yuck, its got a screechy voice. ;)

  2. lol! I read the whole post! ;)

    HEY! I can edit the story for you, if you would like, Mikayla! :) I love editing & besides we are in contact on a regular basis anyway. ;)
    I so know how it feels to have characters in your head and not have them out yet! *facepalm*
    I have sooooo many stories working and I keep coming up with scenes in unwritten stories.... *ack...*

    guess what... you didn't say "y'all" once in this post. ;P lol!

    okay, I'm completely out of things to say. See you at Goodreads! :)

    1. Thank you!
      And I would love for you to edit my books but unfortunatly this is basicly re-writing whole sceens and thats something only I can do. :P But after I'm done with that I would LOVE for you to go over it for me! :D Pluse I'd like to see what you think of these storys. :)
      I know, I have a whole document of misc sceens from yet unwritten books. :) Also I have a notebook with a lot in it as well. :)
      Thats not really an ocomplishment Ysa, I love the word "Ya'll" I have no idea why people think its so weird or have an eversion to useing it. :)
      See ya!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment. <3
    It really does feel like nobody else can identify with where i am right now. I am thankful that the Lord led you to leave me that comment.
    God bless,

    1. You are so welcome Ty. I feel the same way to a lot of the time and it was also nice to know there was someone out there with similar feelings.
      My email address is up on the Elsewhere page if you would like talk some more. :)


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