Monday, August 11, 2014

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #8

I've miss ya'll lately, I should have posted sometime during the week just to say hi but I got a bit busy. =P 
As you all know we painted our parents bedroom last week, I was SO triad after that. =P But on Wednesday Sarah and I had the pleasure of going to see our friends The Penningtons. =D You might have heard of J. Grace Pennington who is a Homeschool author and writes absolutely amazing books not to mention she is a delightful person to spend time with along with  her sister, Hope, who is also a very gifted writer! =D Okay, now that I've raved about my friends I should say, all I really did for the rest of the week was school and read. On Sunday I went through and supper cleaned my room and listained to Odesseys, which is one of my favorite past times. =D 
So, today I have pictures from all around the house for you, I hope you can kinda get a good idea of what its like to be in our house! =D No one was home the day I took these pictures so theres no people in these pictures. 

Your first view as you open the door, 

A lopsided veiw of our shoe drawers and pretty shelf

our coat hanger 

Ahh yes, out table which is more often used for things like holding the computer while typing a blog post then for eating at. ;D

I love our clock... =D

My moms fish tank and trarium. =) 

Sarah's Piano with all her beading suples that are not normally on top.  ;) 

One of my favorite paintings. =) 

A picture of the dinningroom from the livingroom, you can see the kitchen in the back. =) 

The living room. =) 

Our TV cabnet, yes, our TV is that big. =P

Our fireplace which curently has a plant on it for the summer. =) 

It took us ten years to find a couch that could hold us all that we could aford. =)

Pictues from DC

My parents room thats right next to the piano.

Our kitchen.

My moms Office

The Landryroom/pantry. =) 

The door out. =)

Back into our livingroom and heading down the hall.

our wall of answered prayers


Looking down the hall at the end. The door there leads into Micheals Room, sorry I can't shoe you in there. =P

The door to Graces room. =) 

Turning and facing the hall closest, to the left is Sarahs and Roses room to the right in our room, even if you can't see it. =) 

Our room, which you've seen.

Sarahs and Roses room. =)

Graces room

And her sungles. =D

I hope you enjoyed that! I've got to run and do landry, bye!


  1. Nominated you for the Sunflower Blog Award!

  2. Aww, you guys have such a cute little house. =) I really love your wall of answered prayers, and that painting, and that "In This House We..." and the piano. =) I'm glad you had a good time with your friends! =) I've missed you! (My absence, not yours lol)

    ~Your Friend Jess

    1. Thanks, its wonderful living here. =) Yea, thats one of my favorite places in the house. =) Sarah is very proud of her piano, I'm glad she lets Rebekkah and I use it. =D I missed you TONS!! Life just ain't as fun when your not around. =( I'm glad your back. =D
      LOVE YA!!!


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