Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sky, water and an award.

Hello. Your probably going to get triad of me by time this week is over because I plan on posting a lot. =) So, I was just lounging on the couch, listening Avalon music and scrolling though blog posts and I suddenly remembered I had been tagged! So much for having a good memory. ;) 
Ty over at http://life-of-ty.blogspot.com/ nomanted me, you should really check out her blog! =D 
So onto the award, it didn't come with any rules so I'm just going to answer the questions. =) 

1. Do you have any pet peeves? 
I hate people making misc noises like rapping their fingers and such. =P Also it just drives me up a wall and through the ceiling when people correct my spelling and grammar, which is probably one I should not have but I do. =P 

2. I am in a breakfast rut. Tell me what you typically eat for breakfast.
Um, I normally don't. I usually just eat lunch and a snack around 3:30 and that's about all. =P Though occasionally we have biscuits and eggs. =) 

3. Have you had any super awkward moments lately? (Sorry, I want to hear :) )
Umm, this morning I pulled in the cord to my dads laptop then imitatly tripped over the cord but that wasn't really awkward it was funny. I don't have many awkward because most of the things people consider awkward like tripping in front of people and such is just normal life to me. =/

4. Are you better with babies or older people?
I think I'm better with babies because they don't talk. But to be honest babies don't like me and most older people don't eather. I'm best with 13-25 year olds. I'm really good with 20 year olds. =)

5. What all is on your Christmas wish list so far? (I made mine in May)
Um, we're not doing presents this Christmas so I don't have a wish list. Though I'm saving up for a computer and I might have enough to get one around then. =) 

6. If you could go anywhere in the world, for free, tomorrow, where would it be?
South Carolina. Period. I would love to do some book research there for the book I'm writing right now and I REALLY want to meet Jessica Joy and Rachelle Rea. =) 

7. What all have you done this summer?
Wow, do you have a week to go though that list? ;) Well to sum it up in a semi sort list: I did school (lots of it. =D), read a lot of Nancy Drew's, wrote in two different story's, edited, wrote a short story, took a lot of photos, worked on projects for our etsy store, painted a glob, discovered how much fun window art is, made a mascuarde mask, spent to much time on Pintrest, had a ton of fun emailing my friends and spent a lot of time with my family. =D Yea, its been an awesome summer so far, but we still have some left! =D

8.  Tell me about your siblings!
Sarah is 24, shes an awesome writer, jewelry maker and well everything! Rose is 23 a filmmaker, hospital volunteer and shes just about the perkyist, prettyest person you could meet. Micheal is 21, a nurse to be, comedian and regular genius hes amazingly fun to have as a brother. Grace 19, is, boy, how do you discribe Grace? Shes just about like me, except four years older, not as quirky and serious as me. =) Rebekkah is perfect. Shes 17, a seamstress, great photography subject and shes generally quiet but boy when you get her talking... ;D My family is AWESOME!!! =D 

9.  Dating or Courting?

10. What traits do you admire and not admire in guys?
I hate guys. Okay. Boys are a pain (Sorry if you a boy and reading this). I guess if I had to pick out traits for a perfect guy for me I would say honest, understanding, comical with a sense of when to be comical, sensible and smiley. =) 

I nominate: 
Michiah from http://adventuresbeyondthehorizon.blogspot.com/
Julia from http://awesomecowgirl.blogspot.com/
Another Julia from http://writingforhisgloryblog.blogspot.com/
And whoever wants to be! =D 

My questions: 
Whats you favorite craft to do? 
Are you interested in Mascurades? 
Have you ever writen about a farie? If so, what type was it? 
How many siblings do you have? 
Whats your thoughts on Nancy Drew? 
Have you watched "You can't take it with you"? 
Do you highlight your bible? 
What have you done today so far?
Do you like pictures of the sky? 

Sorry, sidways. =P

Please comment and tell me if you do the award! =D 
Okay so, lots of photos but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! =D


  1. Haha, I loved your answers.

    1. That's kinda funny, because sometimes people drumming their fingers annoys me, but most times I don't mind, or even like it!

    2. I hope you eat dinner, too! I hardly have breakfast either...

    3. Haha, I have a ton of awkward moments. Most involving guys. Ugh ;) Like, at a Subway, accidentally calling a 20-something year old guy Ma'am. That was super awkward. I have many more, trust me....I'm basically awkwardness itself...

    4. This is going to be a really hard question to answer because I do well with both. I love babies (I work in the nursery all the time at church) but I also very much enjoy sitting down with older people and reaping from their wisdom....Hmmmm.. Haha

    5. Saving up for a computer is a really good idea; I needed a laptop for school and I use it all the time. It's much easier to keep all my pictures and stories in one place, and i would much rather have a computer over a tablet or other device. =)

    6. Awwwww! I would go to Texas...or maybe France. ;) Or maybe stop by Texas, pick up a good friend, and THEN go to France. =D Haha I also thought it was interesting that my initials are J.J and your other friend's are R.R. We both are double letters =)

    7. Haha, you've been busy at home! I've been busy abroad...I feel like after being so busy and rushing around that now I need a break! haha

    8. You're siblings are awesome, just like their youngest sister. =D

    9. I agree!

    10. HAHAHA Oh, Mikayla! LOL I'm sure boys everywhere would be happy to read that they are a pain and hated in your eyes ;D And I am officially adding smiley to my list of traits wanted in a guy! Haha!

    I loved all the sky pictures, I could never choose a favorite, although I did especially like the moon and the picture right after that!

    And thus I will bring the world's largest comment ever to a close.

    Good day


    ps. I would add a "tip of the hat" but we've decided against formality, so how about I raise one eyebrow at you instead. Would that work? ;D

  2. You know whats weird? I drum my fingers all the time but somewhere in my brain there's a disconnect between the sound of someone else doing it and me doing it. Drumming my fingers help me think. =)

    No, I don't usually eat dinner. Though I do sometimes. =/

    Don't worry Jessica, I did the same thing the other day in a Dollar General. =P We can be awkward awesomeness together. =D

    Yea, I'd really love to have my own place for all my photos, writing and my weird music selection. =) It may take awhile though, because I'm saving for a plane ticket as well. =)

    Aww, I would love to go to France with you. Maybe someday we can go on a trip together. =D Hum, I hadn't realized that before! =)

    Its actually been kinda nice having stuff to do lately. =) Though I'm not as crammed busy as that list made me out to sound. =) You certainly deserve a break. =)

    Aww, that's the sweetest thing I've heard all month! Your the best Jessica! =D

    Yea, I'm sure guys are just thrilled about that. But since I don't have any guy readers that I know of and since I'm not afried of stating my opinions... ;)

    Thank you for the world longest comment, it made me very happy. =D

    Don't worry, tipping of the hat isn't to formal. ;D But I don't mind a raise of the eyebrow. ;)

    You are Awesome Jessica!!

  3. Hi Mikayla! I stopped by as I noticed you were one of my blog post email followers :)
    You have a really creative blog! Your background design is cute, and I love your award answers :)
    Have a lovely day xx

    MJ // www.littlepandacrafts.blogspot.com

    1. Hey MJ, thanks for stopping by! =D Thank you so much, I'm working on re-doing it a bit right now so I'm glad it still looks good. =)


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