Monday, August 4, 2014

My life (In as many posts as it takes) #7

A Disaster Waiting To Happen; Me.

Hello everyone. You may have realized this posts has two titles but you'll understand when I tell you what we did this weekend. We painted. I'm not a really good room painter. I can paint little things, tin flowers and pictures but room painting; I'm outa luck. =P 
So, my parents decided they really wanted their room and bathroom painted, so we got supplies, dawned ourselves in grubby cloths and over the past three days we ran ourselves ragged prepping, pasting and painting. =P 
I'm pretty sure I got more paint on things like the light fixture, my hair, outlites, the floor, a dresser, the ladder, the doorknobs, me, door frames and windows then I did actually the walls. And yes, I actually did get paint on all the things I mentioned above. =P 
So, before I completely humiliate myself I'll just show you pictures. =) 

Day one: Pumped
The room right after we've prepped it.

We put drop cloths down and covered the walls in brown paper bags as basically a seelent.

An almost finished wall.

We finished the whole room.

My one pretty picture. =D

Day two: Waning

We we're getting triad but pressed on.

We started painted. =D

Cought Rose and Sarah pasting. =)

They say Hi. =) 

Grace had war paint on. ;D
Day Three: Dead. 

Okay that may sound over dramatic but believe me, if you had done the work we had done, you would know how true a statement that was. =P 
Sorry for how silly my hair looks, I had to have it up like that because we were painting the ceiling and I didn't want paint falling in my hair. =P

Couldn't do this without a goofy photo.

Or this one. (My favorite)

Or this one. We we're REALLY tiared, =P

Tuching up the paint, we had a mini traffic cone under this. =) 

DONE!!!!! =D
Wow was that an TIRING three days, I'm glad its over. So, what did ya'll do over the weekend? =)
Oh and its my 100'th post!!!!!!!! =D 


  1. Wowww! I like it a lot! Hahaa, sounds like you have been busy! Painting is tiring.. But worth it! :) You'll walk in that room all the time, and think "Oh! I painted this room," or "Oops, missed that.." Lol! ;) Congrats on your 100th post! I'm almost there.. :) Have a wonderful day!
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

    1. I like it to. If only they could come up with a better way to paint the walls it would be so awesome. ;D Yea, we're already finding things we missed. =P Thanks for commenting Sarah! -Mikayla-

  2. You guys did a great job! I really like that color! =) Haha! Oh, Mikayla, I think you should get an award for getting paint on that many things unintentionally. ;D Aw, your family looks like so much fun. =) I loved Rose and Sarah's wave, and Grace's war paint. Your description of Day 3 was hilarious! And I loved the pictures of you!! HAHA!! Your favorite is my favorite one too! =) <3

    1. Thank you Jessica! =D Yea, I did get paint on an awful lot of things... ;) Yea, we have fun when we're tiard and making goffy faces at a camrea is our favorite past time. ;D Thank you SO much for commenting Jess! =D


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