Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Writing Wenesday #4

So yeah, my week was interesting. I trashed my mom’s computer (Me and my vase of flowers that is) and so now I am typing on her new computer. So my weekend wasn’t great but thank you all for your comments on my blog, they really cheered me up. =D

So, this is a bit more of a writing update then a writing post. Sorry, I only have about 15 minutes before I have to give the computer over to my mom so I have to write fast. ;D Anyways, I’ve kinda been wanting to tell ya’ll about my writing projects lately.

So, in February I finished the editing on my own Cinderella re-telling which is the third book in a series of Princess (non fairytale) story’s. I also finished editing the sequel to my Robin Hood re-telling. =D I seem to have been stuck in re-tellings right now. ;D

I finally realize something about myself though (Took me fifteen years of life and eight years of writing to figure this out.). I really only work in my writing well if I have goal. Such as last month, I decided I was going to edit my Robin Hood sequel in a week and if I did I would buy myself a new book. Guess who’s ordering a book this month? Yeah and then I was kinda hoping to write all my blog posts for the month. No goal, just wanted to do it at some point. Guess how well that went? Yeah, I’m typing this right before I post it.

So, I’m now making goals for each month.
This month’s goal is to finish writing “Just Your Ordinary Girl”, a book I started writing about a year ago that you may remember form this post. Since it’s only a Novella its only going to take me 14.000 more words on top of what I have already written to finish it.
I’ve been going above my word count needed each day because instead of some sketchy “I want to finish it soon”, I have a set goal of 600 words every day.

So, are any of ya’ll the same way?
Do you set goals for your writing?

Thank you so much for reading! I understand this was not my best put together post but I really appreciate you taking the time from your day to read it.
Ya’ll are all awesome!



  1. ugh! Did you lose any of your writing?! :P I set "secret" goals for myself. If that makes any sense....I tend to not stick to it, or my writing gets dull as I just wait for the last words. But if I just write, I usually write more than my goal of a 1,000 words. :D I usually just's better that way sometimes. :D

    1. No, all my writing is on thumb drives since I don't own my own computer I just keep all my work on there so that I can just work on whatevers available. Oh see if I set a goal for myself (Unless something huge comes up) I stick to it. I have a lot of stubbornness for goals. ;D Yeah, sometimes it does work better that way. =)
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. When I write, I get distracted. A lot. It takes me awhile to stick to it. It sounds like you're making progress though! Good work:)

    1. Yeah, I get really distracted with my writing sometimes. It really took me until this year to finally figure out what encouraged me to write more! =/ Thank you!


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