Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Writing Wednesday #16

In which I've finished a book and my summer challenges.

Well, this is the end of my summer challenges. Its been a great three months and it all turned out pretty well. Heres in order of how I first posted them: 


I managed to finish all but one book on my reading list. I wasn't able to read England Adventure because I wasn't able to buy it. =/ But I finished all the others! =D Here are my reads month by month: 

With a grand total of 46 books in three months, I am very satisfied. 


I really did not do well in this category. I was hoping to write four books but I ended up only writing two. Only one of these was on my list. =P 

I finished Are We There Yet and Margrets story! It wasn't what I had intended to write, but I ended up really enjoying myself. =D 


I hosted a giveaway and I think I did better with my Writing Wednesday posts. =) 


I ran every day Monday-Friday. 


I do not think I quite took photos every day because my mom took the camrea on a trip over the weekend, but I did take photos most days. 

I failed misrably at art. I drew about five pictures in the last three months. =P 

This is what my acomplishment board now looks like. =D

Well, there you go, all my challenges done with. Unfortunately, summer is leaving. =( Usually I'm pretty happy about fall but this year its coming so soon its sad. 

How did your summer go?


  1. You read the "Home on Stony Creek" series as well? What did you think of them? I lovveee them, that's the time period that I simple ADORE! :D

    1. Yes, I loved that series. It was so awesome. Everything about it was so fun! =D

  2. Good job, Mikayla! :D

    Well, I am looking forward to fall and winter (no more hot days!)... ;)

    1. I am looking forward to some cooler weather to. I just wish it would come a little latter. ;D


  3. Awesome-e Sharie!!! Hey, I like your accomplishment board. I need one of those.

    Btw, love Kelly and Travis... :)

    1. Thanks Gracie! =D You should make one! Its really a great way to see what you've done. =D

      Thanks! =D

  4. You did great!! I'm really proud of you! *Thumbs up* =) <3


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