Monday, February 8, 2016

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #83

I wish I could post more.

Hello! I'm sorry I missed my Writing Wednesday post this week. I'll post this week instead. =)
I went out to town nearly every day this week so I feel like I was left panting, and behind on school. So, this week will a bit of cramming on school, but it will be good to be busy. Hopefully it will keep me out of trouble, right? ;D
Here are a couple photos I took of Rebekkah last week. =) 

Doesn't she look awesome? 

I love the color contrast. =D 

There you go! 
How was your week?


  1. I'm doing kinda the same thing... my grandma flew in last week, so we're still adjusting, and this week I have a lot of school to catch up on. I love the photos! Have an amazing week, Mikayla!

    1. Wow! I hope you get her settled in alright! =) I'll be praying that it all goes well!
      Thank you so much! You to!!


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