Monday, February 1, 2016

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #82

In which the first month of the year is over.

Someone please tell me where this month went. I'm sure I just celebrated new years day!
The month possibly could have gone into the ninteen books I read.
Or trying rock climbing.
Or playing laser tag twice with my siblings.
Or scratching out all the times I wrote 2015 instead of 2016.
Or writing.
Or editing.
Or school.
Or the photoshoots I did with Rebekkah.
Or the doll dresses I sewed.
This month could have also gone to writing blog posts and replying to y'all's awesome comments.
It might have also gone into brainstorming for my other blog.
Or writing to friends.
Or figuring out things with God and just spending time with him.
Or learning how hard it is not to give up on love sometimes.
Or figuring out the middle of the story is both a blessing and a trial.
Or discovering that I must do all things through Christ's strength, not my own.
Or learning that I cannot do an eight minute Cardio program without being sorry for it.

This month went to a lot of different things, though it still seemed to wiz by faster then I every thought it would. But overall, this was an awesome start to my year.

So what did you do this month? Please do tell me!
Have you gotten used to writing 2016 instead of 15?


  1. Sounds like you did a LOT this month! I can't believe how fast January went. what did I do this month? ;)
    -discovered two new Christian artists (FFH and Phil Joel <3)
    -attended a basketball game for the first time (and loved it!)
    -started volunteering at the library again (my first time was last summer)
    -improved my photography
    -started work on a new story
    -met some lovely new blogging friends (including you! <3)

    I'm surprised that I haven't written "2015" more (last year I was still writing 2014 in like May). I think I've finally gotten the hang of writing "2016". :)


    1. Actually, for how long that list is, I didn't really do a ton. =P Or I should say I spent a lot of time doing nothing. =P I'm hoping not to do that this month! =)
      Oh, I love FFH's song Astronaut! Have you heard that one yet?
      Cool! My brother used to be on a basketball team and I would get to see him play some. I usually spent more time reading a book then watching the game. ;D I'm glad you enjoyed it!
      How awesome! I wish I lived near enough to a library to volunteer at one! I hope you have an awesome time!! =D
      Aww, thanks! Its been a pleasure getting to talk to you! =D

      Haha, yeah, it ushally takes me awhile before I get it. ;P

      Thank you so much for commenting!!

    2. Haha! I spent a lot of time doing nothing don't feel bad.
      Actually, I flipped past it the other day while looking at their other songs, but no, I haven't listened to it yet! I really want to soon though. The one that I really like right now is Fly Away. :) Do you know that one?
      Haha, sounds like me. ;) But yeah, it was fun! And I got to eat a hot dog which made it even more fun. :)
      How far away is the closest library? That's really a shame there isn't one near you. :(
      No problem! It's been fun talking to you too! :D

    3. Fly Away is really fun! I haven't heard very many of their songs, just about six or seven.
      The closet Library is thirty minutes away, but its not a very good one, so the closest good library is about an hour away. =P Its not that horrible of a drive, but its off our normal drive. =P

    4. Same. :) hour?! That's crazy! But if it's good, I guess it's worth it. The library closest to us isn't the best either (because it's on the small side), so the closest good library for me is about twenty minutes away. ;)

    5. Yeah, I wish it was closer. What do you do while volenteering? =)

    6. Wow, so sorry I forgot to reply to this! :) Anyway, at the library, so far I've just been shelving DVDs, and stuff that people put on hold. In the summer,I wasn't working at the same library I'm helping out at now, so I did different things--mainly making sure the books were in ABC order, cleaning the room, making copies, etc. I also gave out prizes to the kids who were doing summer reading. ;)

    7. No problem! I'm just super glad you reply at all!!
      Cool! Sounds like tons of fun! =D
      I'm so glad you got to do that!

  2. Wow, you got a ton done! Great job, Mikayla!! Love ya, beautiful girl. <3

    1. Thank you! I don't feel like I got a lot done. I guess thats because I keep thinking of all the things I should have done. =P I guess I need to focus more one what did get done. =)
      I love you to!!


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