Monday, May 30, 2016

Beach vacation

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #99

 Hello everybody! My family just got back from an amazing vacation at the beach! So, it was five days of just sitting on the beach, with book, lots of sun, lots of swimming, and over 1,000 photos taken. It was awesome.

Here's a break down:

Day one:
We all packed up and believe me, the car was packed. Since we stayed in a house, not a hotel, we had to bring our own bedding, so I sat in the back seat with two of my sisters and I felt like I was packed in pillows. I was surrounded. It was actually pretty comfortable. ;)
So, we first went and rode the ferry's, if you ever are in Galveston Texas and have an opportunity to ride the ferry's, do it! Its awesome! You can usually see dolphins (I saw about four) and the seagulls all gather at the back of the boat giving amazing opportunity's for  photos. So yeah, the ferry's are awesome.
Then we went to the house and unpacked, and went swimming. Concluding day one.

This is by far my favorite photo I got on this vacation.

Day two:
I went swimming and got really badly sunburned. That was actually the majority of my day. After I discovered how much even going out into the sunshine hurt I found myself a nice porch swing in the shade with a great view of the waves and curled up with a book. I managed to finish Happiness Hill by Grace Livingstone Hill that evening.

Day Three:
I woke up dehydrated and in lots of pain because of the sunburn. Let this be a warning to you; if you get sunburn, remember to drink tons of water. Because I was on the couch all morning feeling sick. But, by lunch I got enough water to make me feel better. So, after putting on a ridicules amount of sunscreen, my family built a big sandcastle. It actually lasted all the way to the end of our vacation, so that was pretty cool.
We swam and I re-burned my arms. It ended up I had not sprayed them with sunscreen as well as I had thought. Take my suggestion; if you go to the beach, wear lots of sunscreen.

Day Four:
I read, a lot. I managed to finish Truth, and half of Courage by Molly Evangeline (Both are amazing, you should check them out). We went swimming, and I actually managed to not get sunburned again. So yeah, that day was uneventful, most of it was pretty much just spent soaking up the beach.

I took my boat in a bottle to the beach and got some photos of it. =)

Day Five:
We got up early and loaded the van up. Actually, we didn't have as much stuff going back so there was a tad bit more room. But it was still pretty packed. We went to a fish hatchery and walked around, that was pretty cool, even though the main part was closed.
Then we got home and our goat was caught in the fence. What a greeting. ;) Luke (My dog) was very excited to see us. He wouldn't leave me, it was adorable.

So yeah, that wraps up our vacation. I now have a pretty good tan and peeling skin because of the sunburn, but it was all worth it. There is something about the beach that makes me want to just sit and talk to God, which I did, a lot.

So, what are your plans for the summer?
What is your favorite thing about the beach?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I hope your summer is awesome!

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