Friday, June 24, 2016

He is undeniable

Food For Thought #73

This is a poem I wrote earlier this week. Enjoy!

Perhaps my life has not all been good
Not everything has gone as I thought it should
But I’ve known all my life that God is undeniably real
I’ve tried to go before his throne every day and knell
I try to give all my life to Him
I try to give it all over even when I’m on the rim
Sometimes it feels like the cares of the world will be too much
It feels that no one even has a kind touch
But I know I can turn back to my Lord
And to is living word and sword
Because He is unmistakably kind
And He has true peace for you to find
Nothing can compare to His light
And for you He will fight
He is the ruler of my very soul
He fills me up and makes me whole
And He is always reliable

He is undeniable

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