Monday, May 8, 2017

In Which I Share Some Sunshine

Emily over at A Purpose and a Promise tagged me fore The Sunshine Blogger Award! 

~ Rules ~
 ~Answer 11 questions from your nominee
~Tag 11 bloggers
~Ask them 11 new questions

~ Questions ~

~ What is your favorite devotional book?
I really don't read many devotionals. Its not that I don't like them, but I normally don't seek them out. I am reading a non-fiction book called "Its Not About Me" by Max Lucado right now and it is super good.

~What are five of your favorite blogs?
A Purpose and a Promise, Defying Depravity, Once Upon the Ordinary, Totally Graced, Burning Youth. And Books For Christian Girls, if I hadn't been limited. Goodness there are so many awesome blogs out there.

~What is your favorite book, music artist/band, and movie?
My favorite book is Annabeths War by Jessica Greyson. Artist: TobyMac, and his best song is Forgivness. And my favorite movie is Belle and the Beast (It is a modern day retelling of the classic tale.)

~ Is there a story behind your blog's name?
Well, from when I started my blog up until August of 2016, my blog name was The Bubblegum Ballerina. I felt it was time for something that reflected me a bit more. I have always loved the thought that even though I am an ordinary girl, my extraordinary God chooses to use me for His plan. And I call Him Father. That's the story!

~ What question would you ask your favorite author is you had the chance?
Well, most of my favorite authors are still living, so I go ahead and ask them. But, I guess I might ask some of them how they let their faith bleed so well into their books.

~What is the last movie you saw, and how did you like it?
The last movie... um I watched a Star Trek Next Generation the other day. That was pretty good.

What is one tip you would give bloggers who are trying to reflect Christ in all their posts?
I don't honestly feel I am good enough at this to give much advice. Other then don't let what others might say affect what you post. If you ask, God will lay things on your heart to post.

~ What are your three favorite books that you own?
Annabeth's War by Jessica Greyson, Kate's Innocence by Sarah Holman, and The Kings Scroll, by Jaye L. Knight. But I love so many books that was really hard to narrow down.

~ What is one of your best memories from 2017 so far?
Surprising my friend Jessica for her 18'th birthday. That was super, super awesome. But its been a really fantastic year though, so I've had a lot of good memory's.

~ What is your favorite Christian Living post that you've read/posted in the last month?
Worth The Wait by Grace Ann was pretty awesome. Though I follow so many amazing blogs, sometimes its hard to keep up with all the good posts. =)

~ Do you own any signed books? 
I own ten signed books, and they are awesome. Most of them my oldest sister gave me for birthdays.

~ Nominees ~
Whoever wants to do it.


  1. Sister, you're an awesome person. I see your faith reflected so often in your post. Your insight blows me away sometimes. Your secret? You're honest about your struggles, but you always know Who to turn to.
    Your big sister.

    1. Aww, thank you so much. I don't really feel like I do a good job of it. *HUGS* You're the best.

  2. The photos are gorgeous. Thank you for the Books For Christian Girls blog.

    1. Thank you so much! It was my pleasure, that's an awesome blog!

  3. Thank You for the blog suggestions.


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