Monday, May 29, 2017

Moments From Colorado

Well guys, this is the first time I've really taken time to sit down and write out a post since I got back from vacation. I feel rather guilty about that, which is part of why I am staying up rather late to do this. 
I was going to give y'all a long, boring account of my vacation, including what we did every day, but then I realized how incredibly boring that would be. So, I'm opting for just telling y'all about some of the best moments of the trip. There were a lot of them.

Driving through west Texas and wishing there was something more there then just flat lands.

7:45 *Reading great book, Rebekkah came in* "Now is not a good time" I said. "My favorite character is kidnapped." 
7:50 "What about now?" She asked. *barely looks up from book* "Now both my favorite characters are captured."  
8:00 *Rebekkah comes in again* "Now both my favorite characters are captured and ones hurt." 
8:05 *Rebekkah comes in again*"Now they've been ruthlessly torn apart and they're both hurt." 
8:10 *Rebekkah comes in again*"Now ones about to be killed." 
And there is where they told me they could not wait any longer, we had to go. I was on pins and needles till I could get back to it.

Treasure Falls

Between Denver and Estes Park
Staying in a hotel where every room was based off a different year. (We got 1951) And the clerk letting me keep the key tag.

Being completely awed by the view's on the thirty minutes winding drive up to the Mesa Verde. 

The amazing moments of standing over cliff dwellings and imagining how they must have built them.

Taking a last minute trip to Garden of the Gods and being so thankful we did. Also finding an awesome hoodie in the gift shop. Its pictures a ways down.

The view from our cabin.

Getting to see a friend for the first time in ten years. Also having never skyped or talked on the phone, being able to hear her for the first time as well. 

Skyping with family and friends back home to make the homesickness easier to bare.

Going on hikes and chasing after squirrels to get photos of them. 

Making mosaics, and being amazed I never cut my fingers on the glass. 

Failing at tennis, but having a grand time anyway. Wishing we were aloud to play our music on the courts.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods (These people picked a terrible name for a beautiful place.)
Castle Palace in Mesa Verde

Pretending I was a pro mini golf player when I got two holes in one. Ignoring my five hole in tens. 

Doing archery filing away details for future books.

Going down the pool slide about twenty times. Also touching the bottom of the deep side of the pool and decided to never do it again because I want to live past seventeen.

Walking around Estes Park for the evening and just having a grand time with my mom and sister. Getting a huge ice cream cone and splitting it with Rebekkah.


Mesa verde 

Climbing a small mountain and being able to just sit and talk to God for awhile up there.

Listening though Screwtape Letters in the car and taking five double sided pages of notes. 

Watching Star Treks really late at night the day before we got home because I was so homesick.

The whole family meeting us at Cracker Barrel four hours away from our house to escort us home.

There were so many awesome moments, this was just a tiny touch of it. I hope you enjoyed reading this! 
How are you doing? Have you ever been to Colorado? 


  1. Oh you guys sound like you had SO MUCH fun!!!! I'm glad, girl!! "Ignoring my five hole in tens..." Hehe!!! I feel ya XD <3 CO is gorgeous!!

    1. It was a blast!! =D Haha, thanks. *Under the table fist bump* we can pretend we are pros at mini golf together. ;) Isn't it?? I hope we can go there together soon.

  2. Sounds so fun! The pictures are amazing <3 especially your view from your cabin!!


    1. It was a lot of fun! Thank you so much!! <3

  3. Sounds like you had lots of fun!! The pictures were so pretty. Your hoodie is so cool!

    1. I had a blast! Thank you so much! I love that hoodie an awful lot. Probably more then I should. ;)

  4. Glad you enjoyed Colorado! I was born there and am now going to college there, and I absolutely love the state!

    1. Thank you!! That is so awesome! Maybe someday when I come back, we can meet up! =D

    2. Yeah, we totally need to do that!

    3. So, I forgot if your comments are automatically published or you moderate them. But if you want, you can comment on a blog post of mine with your email and I'll email you back so you have mine. I won't publish the comment or anything. :)

    4. I moderate them, but that's okay. ;) Alright! I will do that!

    5. Hey! I emailed you but for some reason gmail said they didn't recognize the address. Would you know why?

    6. Hum, maybe I put it in wrong. Let me try again.


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