Friday, July 28, 2017

A Perfect Ballance

Ether they say 
Their life’s are perfect 
Or they say 
Their life is a wreck 
My heart envy’s one
And breaks for another 
I have an amazing life 
But I know I am one 
Broken before my God 
Do I make people jealous 
Of things I don’t even have? 
Do I tell them my life is perfect? 
Do I make them feel bad 
That their lives are so good? 
I sit here 
Unable to find a balance 
And I have to wonder 
What if we were honest?
Doesn’t God want us 
To share both good and bad? 
Shouldn’t we tell people 
Both our success and failures? 
What has happened to us 
That we think we have to lie? 
Why do we believe 
That we have to make our lives 
Into an extreme? 
And I sit here 
Unable to find a balance 
And I wonder 
What if we were honest? 
Would we change the world? 

Just something I was thinking about today. 


  1. So true- I love this! The world really would be so different if we would have that balance. Another amazing poem (and photo as well!) <3

    1. Thank you! Indeed it would be. Thank you again! <3


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