Friday, July 7, 2017

The Moment Before Something Breaks

The moment before something breaks
You try to hold it together
But in a moment it slips away 
And crashes at your feet 
All you’re left with is broken pieces 
Of something that was beautiful 
The pieces cut your heart 
And left it bleeding and worn 
But maybe if you take all the pieces 
And give them to God 
He’ll make something beautiful 
Out of the brokenness

Thoughts from quite awhile ago.


  1. The moment before something breaks
    I thought strength would hold it all
    I would stand for my Lord
    Maybe I was Peter after all
    And the wound I left on the servant's face
    Was just like the ripping of my heart
    When I saw my good intentions
    Come alive before me
    I broke it
    While trying to hold it together
    Neither scar could disappear
    No matter whatever
    Until Jesus
    Touched the servant's ear
    And my torn heart
    And I thought He needed my help.

    I am not the poet you are, Mikayla, but I wanted to leave you something to tell you how much I liked this one.

    1. Well I don't care what you say, I think your poetry is awesome!
      Thank you for sharing!


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