Monday, August 28, 2017

Flights and Friends

Day one. 
Tuesday, August 15. 

My mom and my sister Rebekkah got up with me at 5:00 AM to take me to the airport. I was a bit nervous, this being my very first time to be on a plane, travel by myself, and meet Micaiah. (Pronounced Mic-kay-a by the way. I mispronounced it for a long time. Thankfully she’s very forgiving and didn’t mind) 
I nearly cried when I said goodbye to my family, but I managed to steel myself some as I went through security. It was super easy, I didn’t have any problems. I found my gate, and texted family and friends until we boarded. I must admit, the plane was a bit smaller than I expected. But my first take off was amazing. Going up into the clouds like that is something I hope I never forget. I took pictures and just marveled at the awesomeness of the whole thing. My plane was a bit late, so when we set down in San Francisco I had to run to catch my next flight. But, I made it. This plane was bigger, and I wrote until me and my seatmate got into a conversation. We hit turbulence and my weak stomach was not happy. But, I survived. I exited the Washington airport, and Micaiah found me. Goodness that girl is just like she appears online; sweet, and happy, and pretty much like bottled sunshine. They took me out for burritos, which were amazing after the long flight and time change. We went to their home and I was so tired we decided to watch a movie. We decided on Wreck it Ralph because I had never seen it before. It was cute. 
And then I crashed at ten, which felt like midnight to me because of the time change. 
And thus ended a very long and amazing day in which I got to give one of my best friends a hug for the first time. 

Me and Micaiah

Cookies after they were baked!

Day Two.
Wednesday, August 16 

Micaiah wanted to take me to Barnes and Nobbles because I really have only been there twice in my life. So we spent a good hour looking over shelfs of books and CD’s, and taking selfies together with our some of our favorite books. Then Micaiah and I went to Red Robin (A gourmet burger place) because I had never been there. I’ve got to admit that to a casual Texan girl, gourmet and burger didn’t really seem to mesh, but amazingly this place made it work. We had an amazing lunch and even better conversation. 
When we got back to the apartment we made cookies together and got to share them with some of the kids in the neighborhood, which was super fun! Then we watched Signed, Sealed, Delivered together!


On the hike!

Day Three
Thursday, August 17

We went to a hiking trail around a beautiful river. Here in Texas, we don’t have a lot of really beautiful rivers, so it was a treat to see this one! The water was a gorgeous blue! We had to go over a suspension bridge, which swayed some. I did fine on the way there, but coming back my fear of heights kicked in a bit more and I got off as fast as I could. We had a pretty fun hike with some amazing overlooks. We got a bit turned around at one point, but thankfully managed to get back on the right path. We ate a picnic in the park, then went back to their home. Me, Micaiah, and her two siblings played on the Wii together. They introduced me to the Wii U, which I had never played on before. That thing is pretty fun. Then we watched a Hallmark movie together called The Midnight Masquerade. 

Thus ends day three, and this post. If I was dividing this more equally I would include one more day here, but I am typing this at eleven at night and I am egsousted. Also our internet has been really fluky, so I am praising God that I got the photos to upload at all. 

Thank you so much for reading. Just wait for a super long post next Monday including the Q&A and the notes from the rest of my trip!


  1. Thank You for taking your readers on your trip. You and Micaiah sure had a good visit. Hope you and your family are safe in Texas.
    God Bless

    1. It was my pleasure!! I cannot wait to share the rest of the trip with y'all!! =D Thank you so much, we are all safe and well! =D

  2. Good friends having a good time in each others company Two beautiful young ladies.. Thanks for sharing these photos.

    1. It was pretty awesome. Thank you so much for reading! Your faithful reading and commenting is a blessing!

  3. Sounds super fun! I've never been on a plane before and the only reason I want to go is because I want to see the clouds and how high up I am :D and take pictures of them of course haha


    1. It was a ton of fun! Yeah, it was pretty cool to be on a plane. I hope you get to go on one soon!! It is pretty incredible to go up into the clouds! =D Maybe you could go see some friends, that's the best reason ever to get on a plane. =D

  4. Y'all are so cute! Sounds like you had a great visit. :D

    1. Aww, thank you so much!! We did! I can't wait to share the rest with y'all!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!!


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