Tuesday, January 2, 2018

December Highlights

Well, this month flew by at the speed of light. But it was awesome. 

We went to a place called Main Street Bethlehem. You walk through the town and get to talk to a lot of different people about the Messiah's birth. It was a very long line to get in, but it was totally worth it! I could have spent the whole night there, but my family did have to go home. ;)

I spent a week of this month sick. My sister made me a nest on the floor with her mattress and lots of snuggles and I just played Nancy Drew games.

Me at the Texan Capitol 

This is Patches, a Christmas present. <3

IT SNOWED!!! I was so excited!!! =D For the first time in ten years we got snow and I spent all day out in it. I also ate way more snow ice cream then was good for me and ate a lot of just plain snow. On new years eve we also got a bit of snow, but none of it stuck.

I tried my hand at making bath fizzys. I love spearmint, so I decided to put some in there, but I forgot spearmint oil gives me a headache, so I had one for the rest of the process. Lesson learned, think through oils before you use them. But the fizzy's turned out well. =D

This is Patches again with a blanket we got for Christmas.

I started writing a Christmas short story, but I never got around to finishing it. ;P

I spent some time cleaning the extraneous books off my to-read list. I now feel much better about tackling the pile now. But lets be honest, I'll probably just end up reading random books I pick up for most of the year. I am really bad about actually reading my to-read books.  

Flowers in the store.

My family celebrated Christmas a bit early because that's when we could all get off work. So we actually ended up opening our presents one night, then having a chill day the next where we completely unplugged. Then the next day we cleaned up our decorations, and we went to a Christmas Eve service. 

I completely cleaned out my room. It took me two full days, but I managed to get rid of a good amount of stuff so now I have a bit more breathing room. 

I got to make cookies with a little girls. This was a unique experience because most of what she wanted to do was dig her hands in the flour, but it was fun! 

NaNoWriMo 2017 Totally Graced

Andora Paperback + Snow Shoot The Left Handed Typist

Next week I'll be sharing my highlights of the year if you want to stop back in for that! 
Also thank y'all so much-I now have 56 followers! How cool is that?? Thats my favorite number. Y'all are the best!!

How was your month? Did you have a good Christmas?


  1. A bunch of people from our church went to Main Street Bethlehem this year, I wanted to go, but we were going out of town. I hope to go sometime though, it sounds so cool! ^_^

    It sounds like you had a wonderful December!!

    1. Aww, that's to bad! It really is beautiful. Maybe next year! Oh, they're doing an ester one this year and I am SUPER excited about it!! Is your church planning on going?
      Thanks, it was an awesome month. =D

    2. Maybe! And I'll have to ask, hopefully!! :D

    3. If you do end up going, maybe we could meet up!

  2. Patches is adorable! The picture of you at the capitol is super cute. ;)

    1. Thank you! I got very attached to that little stuffed dog. ;D
      Aww, thank you, Faith! Do you like your state capitol?

  3. You have a little stuffed dog!? He's cute. I collect stuffed dogs. And all but two have names that start with "P" including "Patches." He was my first dog. :) My nephews love my dogs and play with them almost every time they come over.

    I enjoy reading reviews of my friends' months even if I'm not good at writing any myself. :P And so many lovely books to read.:)

    1. Yeah, I love that little thing! How fun! Aww, that's awesome!!

      Aww, thank you! I'm not that great at writing them ether, but it's fun! =)



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