Friday, October 4, 2013


On of my favorite pastimes is art, I do mostly sketch's but I also dabble in painting. :D So I took some photos of my supplies and art because I prefer showing pictures to talking. =) 

Olympic pose

Ruth from sight and sound theater. =)

birds kissing

a flamingo, gota love those guys. :) 

My art book recovered by yours truly. :) 

My moms MP3 player. :

Misc book character. :) 
Emberlyn Star from my Sci-Fi book. 

Up close of Emberlyn. (Isn't she awesome!)

My pencils. *Happy sigh* 

I hope you enjoyed a peak at my art! Hopefully I'll post more in the future. :)


  1. Hi Mikayla! I saw your picture of Ruth from Sight & Sound and had to comment. My brother and sister work at S&S!! And we LOVE all of their shows! Have you seen any in person?
    Blessings, Nicole

    1. How fun! I SO want to work there, if it wasn't so far away. :( I haven't seen any in purson but I have seen Joseph, Jonah and Ruth on Vidio. :) Joseph is my favorite. :D

    2. Joseph is my favorite as well! My brother plays the young pharaoh who has the dreams (in Branson, MO). I'm so sad they're closing the show next week! I'm really excited about Moses coming out next year. I know several people who will be in that one, and I'm looking forward to seeing them in the dvd.

    3. How cool! He's one of my favorite characters! So what dose your sister do there?

  2. She works one of the spotlights way up over the audience. Lots of fun!
    Hehe! I like to tease that my brother gets paid to wear a biblical robe and makeup, and ride a chariot. Such a neat place.


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