Friday, October 25, 2013


I spent my summer: taking photos, doing school, cleaning, writing, taking more photos and working on Future Homeshool Authors so  These are some of the bird photos I took. :) 

Female Hummingbird

Female hummingbird.

Two Chickadees watching an unknown bird take a bath. :) 

This is "my" Titmouse, his name is Wonder because his mouth is constantly open. : ) 

Birds do this pose all the time but it never gets old. :) 

Wonder again. Isn't he a cutie? :) 

A male and female Painted Bunting looking at each other. :) 

A momma Cardinal making sure Juvi takes his bath. :) 

Moma making sure Juvi is clean. :) 

Ruby Throughted humingbird. :) 

Female Painted Bunting. 

Female Painted Bunting looking shy. :)

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