Monday, April 14, 2014

Interview with Jessica Joy

Hey everyone I've got an interview with one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica Joy over at (Almost ) Perfectly Pink!!

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Hello and welcome to The Bubblegum Ballerina, I'm so glad you have you here!

            I'm glad to be here, Mikayla!  I'm so glad you asked me to do this! =)

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

            I can!  My name is Jessica, and I am 15 years old.  I am a home schooler, I have 3 siblings and I love to write.  I also enjoy driving (Got my permit in January!) and crocheting.  And I love my LORD Jesus. =)

How long have you been Blogging? 

            I started the blog I currently have last October.  I did have a couple of blogs when I was younger, but they were on a different website, and do not exist now. =)

Why did you begin Blogging? 

            To be honest, Mikayla, it was because of you!  I saw your (Mikayla's) account on and it said that she had a blog on Blogger.  I checked it out and thought that it would be fun to start blogging again!  I'm so glad the LORD lead me to her blog; both it and my own blog readers have been such an encouragement! =D  It's really as simple as that. =) 

How did you choose your blog title? 

            Haha.  Well, to start, I am absolutely TERRIBLE at choosing a name for anything.  So, at first, my blog name changed A LOT!  But a new clothing store came into town called “Almost Pink”  Well, it got me thinking about how God called us to be perfect, but we can't because we fall short.  But in Christ, he is perfect so we can just try our hardest.  We will never be perfect, but in Christ we can try our best, and hide behind His perfection.  Anyway, I love pink, and so the name “Almost Perfectly Pink” arose from that.  =)

Whats your favorite blog?

            Oooh, this is a toughy.  I follow so many wonderful blogs.  Mikayla's is one! =)  Also I really like Emalee's blog:  She is a wonderful blogger. =)  Jaime's blog at: is a good one too.  Jaime is so funny!  I have a friend named Julia who also as a wonderful blog at: and she has two sisters who also have blogs; Bree at: and Sarah at:  I could go on and on!  =D

What are some of your hobbies? 

            Writing, driving (Squee!), swinging, crocheting, reading, watching movies, doing school, sketching with my sister, riding my bike, playing with my dog, visiting neighbors, baking, talking to elderly, going to church, laughing, and sleeping.

What three words describe you best? 

            Oh.  I love words, so I could probably come up with a couple that you've never heard of! ;)  Well, I suppose:  Responsible, Talkative, and Intimate 

Whats your favorite book? 

            Oh, this has got to be the toughest...I don't know.  The Bible, of course, but...ooh, I don't know.  LOL  Well, as far as non-fiction I really liked the book: I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris.  I also like the Nancy Drew novels.  But I have read SO many good books!

Whats your favorite movie? 

            And this is probably the easiest!  =D  Beauty and the Beast; the Disney movie.  I love that movie so much.  Course, there are a lot of other movies I like, but that one takes the cake. =)

Whats your favorite TV series? 

            Well, my family does not get TV, so I don't know any current shows.  But with my grandparents I really enjoy watching Perry Mason, and Colombo.  My family also enjoys Get Smart.  Old black-and-white shows. =)

What is your favorite color? 

            Well, this goes with my blog title, but pink!  I also like all pastel colors, so soft yellow, green, pink, blue, etc.  

Whats your favorite animal?

            Domestic wise, probably dogs.  I love goats, too.  As far as animals from the wild, my all-time favorite is the girraffe!  I love them so much!  I also love lions! =)

Whats your favorite word?

            Oh no...I love all words...Well, I can't decide on a favorite, so how about ones that are interesting?  Trichotillomania is an abnormal desire to pull out one's hair.  A sitzmark is a depression left in the snow by a skier falling backwards.  And a thank-you-ma'am is a bump or depression is a road.

Which do you prefer, email or phones? 

            It depends.  I like phones, but email is good because you can “talk” even if you aren't both available.  =)

Do you have a Pintrest account?

            I do.  The link to mine is: or there is a link to it on my blog.  =)

If you could meet one person who would you meet? 

            Living or dead? Haha!  I guess I don't really care about meeting famous people so much as finding peoples story out.  I would much rather spend the afternoon crocheting at an elderly lady's home, or visiting an hospital then meeting the President. =)  As far as dead people, I think I would want to talk to some founders of our country, like George Washington.  =)

Who is your favorite fictional character? 

            I've always liked Nancy Drew. I could write a whole paragraph about other people but I guess I'll just leave it at that. =)

Thanks for giving up your time so we could get to know you!

            Thank you for letting me do this, it's been wonderful.  I enjoyed filling this out very much! =)  God Bless!


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