Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Robin Hood

Hello! You've probably heard me talk about my book Robin Hood and I thought I would introduce you to my characters. =) I kept most of the original characters but I couldn't find a lot of them so you only get to meet a few, sorry.

Robin hood, hair shorter.
Robin Hood
Robin again

Will Scarlet, you can tell by the cape.
Will Scarlet
Edmond, Robin's son who comes in in the second book.
Jessica, Robins daughter  in the second book.

Tayla, who works at The Blue Boar inn.

Unknown Character from "The son of Robin hood."
Ann a rather dubious character in the second book
"I came all this way and you don't need me. You have got to be kidding me." -Mikayla H-
Thomas, a character I added.
Thomas again
You got to love Thomas, he's so confused sometimes. ;)
"You didn't really have to do that you know, Its just me." -Mikayla H-
The sheriff

I hope you enjoyed meeting the characters!


  1. These are great! I really don't know that much about Robin Hood, but I can't wait to read the final book! =D That is, you are going to let me read it, right? ;D


    1. I've watched a lot of Robin Hood movies and TV series so it's really fun for me get to write my own. =) Of coarse I'll let you read it when I get it done. =D


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