Monday, April 28, 2014

Perfectly Normal

Perfectly Normal

Isn't it disappointing sometimes to be normal? I read books about people who go on adventures or are very odd people in odd circumstances and sometimes wish I had that type of life. I've always wished I could have 56 mysteries in one year like Nancy Drew. I mean what could be better than getting bashed over the head, getting rescued by Ned and then feeling no after affects? The problem is that most of us are just normal people and we will probably never be faced by a warring gorilla with an AK47. Disappointing right? But this year I realized something; if I was faced by an AK47 I would probably have a heart attack and kill over. Actually most of us would probably have very normal reactions, like screaming for help or fainting so what would happen if we were put into an action book? Scary thought right? =) I have nothing against fiction. I love a good action book but sometimes I get caught to up in wanting that life. And lets admit it, I'm not going to get 56 real life mystery's for my birthday. =P But you know, I'm okay with that. I can at least live out that life in my books. =D I like being semi normal. =) 
Thanks for reading everyone!

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