Monday, July 28, 2014

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #6

Again, I was going to show you something supper awesome: the rest of our house. And this time I have a better excuse then I just didn't make the time to upload the photos. Well, you see, I grabbed the camera and went out to start taking photos and of coarse this was the week that everyone had a project out and strewn all over the house. So yea, its pretty messy and I'm not sure you could see the house through the mess. ;) So, I will do that post next week when things are a bit cleaner. =) But today I'm going to share photos that really show off my love for randomness and humor. There's not a lot and I'm sorry about that but I had to dig through folders and folders of photos just to get these. =P 
I might give you an update on my life latter this week but today I just don't feel like it. Sorry. =P  

These are my magic marbles, there little round squishy things. I love them. =) 

That's Rebekkah and out cat Cuddles, I just thought it was cute. =) 

Mirror photo of me holding the camera.

What happens to my desk when the magic marbles are in sunlight.

I like my shoes, what can I say. ;) 

This is obviously the boys club at the park. All of them wistfully looking into the water. ;D

One day I put flowers all through Rebekkah's hair, it was so pretty. =) 

You may remember this photo in miniature from my first "My life" post, but I thought I'd share it up close with everyone. Go ahead and laugh, I am. =) 

I tried transferring words onto nail polish, it turned out really well if I do say so myself. =) 

Like what person thinks your going to stop on green? Or better yet, what person doesn't know to stop at the light? ;D

I would hate to know what went on this weekend with this bunny. ;)
Who am I kidding, of coarse I would. ;D
I hope you enjoyed that, I guess I should have done more but its been a hard day. =P 


  1. I love your random posts! And pictures. Those magic marbles are awesome, Julia has some of those. I loved the picture of them reflected on the desk, that is so pretty! Those flowers are so pretty in Rebecca's hair! I must admit that I laughed so hard at your picture that my mom had to come see what the fuss was about. You are awesome, Mikayla! =D And beautiful. And goofy. ;) Also, good job on your nails! I have yet to try that...


    1. I know aren't they fun! =D I figured people might like that, I looked so incredible silly in it it was just to much fun not to share. =) Aww, thank you, to all four complements. =D


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