Thursday, September 11, 2014


Photo via Google images

Its been thirteen years since the towers fell, taking with it some of our nations biggest heroes. Not just the firefighters and policemen but the trapped people who gave their lives for others. We all see the effects of 9/11 day to day in secure planes, memorials and a new World Trade Center Tower built over ground zero. Today is a day not only to think about the people we lost but to be grateful to them for giving us a safer place to live in before the towers fell. Despite the horrors of that day, life keeps moving and we can all be proud of the country we live in because we all got back up again after one of the most difficult times in our life's. 
God has truely blessed America with a will to live and the ability to always get back up agian, even when things look hopeless. 

The Sovereign Lord will whip away the tears from all faces.
Isaiah 25:8


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