Monday, September 29, 2014

My Life (In as maney posts as it takes) #14

Okay, I remembered at the last minute I needed to take photos for this so the photos are VERY random, sorry, but I hope you enjoy them anyway! =) 
Oh, and before I leave you to the photo's I have just a few small announcements (As if I hadn't had enough announcements this week. ;) 
1. You may notice that I made a new blog button for my "Grab my button" thing. That was because I was looking at the button and I realized how out of place it looked on my blog (Probably because I didn't spend much time on it.) so now I have a shiny new one that really repersints my blog better! =) Sorry for how much I've been changing and re-changing on the blog recently but I just decided it needed some change. =/
2. FALLS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks what has made me happiest the past week or so. I don't usually get this excited about fall but oh boy am I excited now!!! 
3. Two of my items are now up on the etsy shop <HERE>!!! I hope you'll check it out! 
4. Jessica is having a celabration over at her blog (Almost) Perfectly Pink to celabrate one year of blogging!!!!!

That's all, I hope you enjoy this! =)

I went to our pool and found this little guy flooting around on our beachball. Obviassly he was happy. ;D

I spilled a gar of glitter all over my desk and we dumped it on the ground, I though it looked pretty cool. =) 

Grass/glitter, theres a combanation that belongs in a fantasy movie. =)

I'm not sure what Grace (Right) and Rebekkah (Left) we're doing but they sure looks cute. =)

The sprouts of my Pansey plants. =)

An AWESOME jurnal I won in a givaway over at

I'm using it as a nature jurnal. =)

Haven't even read Tolkinan but I love this quote. =)

THEY PUT MY NAME ON THE SIDE!!!!! Is that to awesome or what?! =D

One of my old Nancy Drews, I've probabaly read this one ten times. =)

A painting I did for a friend of mine. =)

Sketch I did for a book I'm hoping to write. =)

Sherwood Forest from a map I made for my Robin Hood story. =)

A globe I painted myself. =)

It hangs, which I really love. =) The only country you can see all of in this picture is Greenland. =)

THE LEGO MOVIE!!! Grace got this for me when I was having a bad day. =)

My favorite character was Benny, SPACESHIP!!! ;D

one of my favorite books. =D

And anthor,

and another! =)

One of my favorite verses. =)

An another, though it isn't highlighted because this is a different Bible then the picture above. =)

Yes, I'm VERY excited about fall, even my Ipod (That only plays music) has fall backround. =D

Those things in the bottle are bubles!!! Isn't that awesome? =D
Boy, that was fun, I'll try to post again latter this week! =D


  1. Beautiful pictures!!:) I love love love your new button!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. Aww, thank you June! I really like it to! Though I kinda slapped it together, I'm glad it turned out well. =D

  2. Hey, we have Nancy Drew books like that! :D

    1. Oh yea? Awesome! I have the whole series in the yellow covers and now I'm collected them over again in the brownish covers. =D

  3. I loved these pictures!! Thanks for posting about my celebration! =) THAT GLITTER ON THE GROUND IS THE COOLEST EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! *Please excuse me while I go dump glitter all over my yard *

    That notebook is AWESOME!!!!!! I love the font and how they put your name on the side. I won a notebook from on her blog too! That's awesome! <3

    I love your drawings, especially the painting! And the globe! That's amazing!!

    Haha, why am I not surprised that you liked Benny? ;) hehe Those verses are great! I love them too =) <3

    And I love the bubbles in that jar! totally cool!

    1. Your welcome! Your awesomeness deserves to be shared. =) I know wasn't it cool?!?! =D Jessica, when you get cought by your parents, I'm not taking any of the blame. ;D

      I know! I love it to! =D I've already put several poems and setches in it! =D

      Aww, thank you! I had a lot of fun with the glob, but it got a little hard near the end because I couldn't hold it at any of the wet spots! Yea, that was an interesting experence. =)

      Probably because hes overly enthusiastic, its just adorable and you know I like adorable people. =) Plus, who could not love Benny, I mean seriosly, hes awesome! =D

      Thanks Jessica! =D


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