Monday, October 20, 2014

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #17

Hey everyone! Boy, you've been seeing me a lot lately! I hope ya'll don't mind!
Well, this weekend was farely busy because my mom went on a trip Friday through Sunday so of corase we all had to try and coap without my wonderful mom to manage us (A very hard task let me tell you). Not to mention she took the computer with her, thankfully my sister, Rose, let me use hers but I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked to due to cramping hands at the small keyboard. So you might have noticed that if you emailed me this weekend it took awhile for a response. =P

Enough with that though, the good news is that I redecorated my desk a bit (my biggest hobby ;) and listened through most of "Rose In Bloom"  by Louise May Alcott. =D So, yea, kinda pointless rambling, sorry. I'll get onto the photos. =/

These photos are from a few weeks ago when we went to the zoo, I'm sorry, I just now got around to uploading them. 

Rock wall outside the zoo, I thought it was cool. =) 

My siblings were teasing me while I took these two photos "Mikayla comes to the zoo and does she take photos of the animals? No, she takes photos of random leafs" ;D

He was so cool.
(Sorry, I couldn't avoid the fence. =P) 

This photo is rightside up, the birds were all walking upside down! =D

The inside part had a fish exhibit.
I love it when birds do this. =) 

Grace and Micheal nicknamed "The Angry Bears" with a grizzly bare. =)

The otteres!!!! I love otters. =) 

They had a slid though the otters exhibit and I was going though, looked up and this is what I saw! =D

Such a funny turtle. There was a little boy next to me while I was taking this photos and he kept squeling happily "Shes taking a photo of the turtle!" Obviasly he liked the turtle to! =D 

Yes, I'm distractable, but the tree was so cool!

I liked this guy, he hung near us. =) 

And he came and said hi. ;) 

Completly random pathway but for some reason I liked it. =) 

My goodness this guy made me laugh! =D

Left to right: Micheal Rebekkah, Sarah, Rose, me and Grace.

Me with a statue of a baby garaffi. =) 

The Markeets

I really like this photo.

And this one, the markeets were such cute little guys! =D

More distractions, they had such pretty flowers! =) 

Tigers are cool.. behind a very very very good fence. ;) 

Us with a fake tree. =) 

These guys were so funny! When we fist came up they were behind bushes so all we could see were their tales! =D
Well, I hope you enjoyed my zoo photos! =) 

Do you like going to the zoo? 
Have you read any of Louise May Alcotts books? 


  1. You have such a cool zoo! They're so many awesome animals there! Yes, I love going to the zoo, but it's been forever since I have last gone. I have read at least one book by Louisa May Alcott. :-)
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! I love the zoo! =D Yea, we hadden't gone for a long time then we just decided to go. =D I love Louisa May Alcott, her books are so fun! =D
      You to! =)

  2. Cool photos, Mikayla! I like the one of you and the giraffe statue. :) Yes, I like going to the zoo! :) And I have never read Louise May Alcott's books. :D Thanks for the update!

    1. Thanks Micaiah! =D That's to bad, I love Louise May Alcott's books, there so sweet. =)
      Your more then welcome! =D

  3. Haha, I take pictures of walls and nature while at zoos too! =D You aren't alone. ;) I loved all the pictures! <3 Your family is so cute. I like how you all match. =) <3

    1. Oh good, I've got another photographer that apericates the really awesome stuff at the zoo to! ;D Thanks, we got those shirts a few years back so that we could identify each other in a crowd! =D


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