Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Pink challenge #2

Hey everyone! =D 
When you read this I'll be at a meeting of local writers in Waco. Theres about ten of us who attend these meeting, all girls varying from age fourteen to about twenty-five and they are really the best group. I love them all. =)
So anyway, I really wanted to do Jessica's Pink Challenge again and so me and my sister took some photos and I got on a nifty little site and edited them so I could show them to ya'll in style. 
I hope you enjoy these! =) 

Yea, I didn't have time to make any more. 
Thanks for reading! =D 


  1. Very cool edits, Mikayla. I wanted to thank you for giving me advice about NaNoWriMo. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that! I think I'll do it too! Isn't the Pink Challenge awesome?
    In Christ,

    1. Oh, your more then welcome! I was happy to pass along what little knowledge you had. =) I'm so happy, maybe we can buddy each other! =)
      Yes it is, its so much fun! =)

  2. What site did you use to edit the pictures?

  3. Pink is a beautiful color ! I love the edit xx
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