Monday, October 27, 2014

My life (In as many posts as it will take) #18

Hello! How are ya'll doing today? I have to admit I'm getting a bit nervas about the up coming NaNoWriMo because I have yet to plan anything about the book I'm going to write (Isn't Procrastination great. =P). But I'm also getting very excited because this December will be my second year to pertisapate in a local live Nativity. I am one of two speaking angles. What can I say, they have a lot of faith in my acting ability. ;) 
Well anyway, I wish I was feeling a bit more like talking but I've just gotten off of a whirwind of chores, school and an overactive email account and I'm ready to curl up with a Nancy Drew and spend a good long hour just reading. 
I'm planing on posting again latter on this week. =) 

Our neighbors have a hay field. =) 

Can you tell I like Dandalions? ;)

Sorry to leave you so soon! 


  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. Some of these photos are awesome, Mikayla! Do you know a lot about photography? I've started learning more this year and it's pretty cool.

    1. Thank you Sofia! =) Um, I wouldn't say I knew a ton about photography. I know my way around a camera and I can take decent photos but I don't know any of the technical terms. Its just a hobby. =)
      Thank you for your comment! =)

  3. You're still really good at it. :) What other hobbys do you have?

    1. Thanks. =) Oh I have tons of hobby's, Writing, phtotgerphy, drawing, cleaning (Yes that's a weird but true hobby of mine), tons of different crafts, creating my own fashion and tons of stuff. =D If you want to see a fuller list you can look at my "About me" page, its a pretty long list. =)

    2. Sometimes I wish I could draw, but so far it looks like I'm not going to get far in that. :) "Cleaning" - lol, SO not a hobby of mine.

      I like writing, editing, reading, taking pics, making small video clips. I've started drama this year too. :)
      I'll check that list out. Which is your absolute favorite?

    3. Hey, don't worry, I'm not very good at drawing yet. The most anoying part is how much practice it takes to be good. =/ Yea, I think that's a weird thing unquie to me. ;D

      Oh, I love drama! I don't get much of a chance to act it plays because theres not any good drama groups near us but when I can I do. =)

      Hum, I'm not sure I could chose. It would be a toss up between writing and photogerphy I guess. but I could never pick between the two of them. =)

    4. Lol, yeah, I don't think I have that kind of patience (or it's nor that high up on my priority list :))

      This is the first year in drama and it's scary and fun at the same time. :)

      Hmmm. Mine would probably be writing and editing. By the way, what genre do you write in? And what about?


    5. What play are ya'll doing? =D

      Ohh, I love people who like editing. Ya'll are like my best friends because I hate editing!!! Maybe you could help me with some of my stuff. =D

      I write pretty much every genre except fantasy. =D I like compemorary fiction best though. =D Wow, I write about all sorts of stuff. I don't know where to start!

      Do you think I could e-mail you? I find conversations easyer when its not on comment forms. =) If you can just drop me a note through the sidebar and I'll email you back through my eamil. =)

  4. Beautiful pictures, Darling! =) <3


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