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My life (In as many posts as it takes) #24

This is random and completly unlike my normal Monday posts but I wanted to do something different for a change so here you go: 

This is a list of 13 heros from varies TV series and movies some of them I like more then others but I want to mention them all because there all cool guys. Why am I writing a post on my favorite heros you might ask. For the fun of it. I’m hoping to list my favorite heroeins latter. I hope you like this! =D

Note you most likely will not enjoy this unless you have watched these movies. =P

1.     David Banner from The Incredible Hulk

Bill Bixby - A very talented, underrated actor. Such a loss that he died so young. (As did his wife and child - a real tragedy.)

Defiantly one of my favorite fictional guys. Why? Because he has a compelling struggle and he’s always very calm. He has to control his temper (For obvious reasons) and therefor has a self-control that is to be envied. =)
Main Fault:
He’s brash. Sometimes he could do with a bit of slowing down to think things through.

2.     Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island

Bob Denver 1935-2005 ( Age 70) Died from  complications from treatment he was receiving for cancer,

I bet I know what some of you are thinking: “Gilligan? He’s just from a comedy show!” And I would agree, but even though I just watch the TV show because I enjoy a good laugh Gilligan is one of my favorite fictional characters because he’s always honest. Not sometimes, not halfway, always. You never hear even a half truth from Gilligan and because of that I love him. Not to mention, who couldn’t love how much he trips over himself! =D

3.     Mr. Knightly from Emma

Jonny Lee MIller as Mr. Knightley. Jonny is always gorgeous but in Jane Austen garb.....even better!

Mr. Knightly is one of my favorite guys because he is SO sweet to Emma. Acting as a big brother where she has non Mr. Knightly scolds Emma, teases her, helps her when she’s having trouble and always treats her like she’s the most wonderful person on earth.
Main Fault: He scolds rather harshly, sometimes he needed to just say something to Emma evenly rather than yell.

4.     Diego from Zorro (1993)

Image detail for -Duncan Regehr - Image #100

Oh my goodness how do I even start in on how awesome Diego. I think he is my number 1 favorite fictional guy. If you’ve watched this rather little know TV series you would know why I loved Diego Dalavaga so much already. He’s compassionate. He values human life a LOT, he doesn’t just kill the bad guys. In the whole four season series he only kills one person and that was an accident. The value of human life I think is sometimes lost when it comes to bad characters because we want justice and I was very refreshed to see a series where the main character valued life as much as I do. Also he’s in love with a girl, but the girls in love with he’s alter ego Zorro. As Zorro he woes her and is very romantic but as Diego he’s willing to keep his distance because he understands she doesn’t know that he’s Zorro and just doesn’t know how much he loves her. But its hard for him, you can see sometimes him wanting to tell her who he is so she’ll love him for who he is beneath the mask but he know he has to protect her by not letting her know and it’s the sweetest thing.

5.     Edmond from Narnia

King Edmund the Just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I bet most of ya’ll have ether read or watched The Chronicles of Narnia. My favorite character is Edmond, the believable, flawed, witty and oh so loved Edmond. He’s my one of my favorites because he’s flawed. He’s made really big mistakes but he overcomes them. You can empathize with him because he makes a bigger turnaround then any of the other characters. Even in the latter books and movies you can see him struggling with his temper and temptation and that only made me love him more because while some characters overcome their flaws in one movie, Edmond continued to struggle with them like a real person. He also becomes one of the most honest of the characters as opposed to the first movie which is the number 1 quality I look for in characters.

6.     Robin Hood from A Challenge for Robin Hood

The Avengers : Series 5 : You Have Just Been Murdered : Cast . Barrie Ingham as George Unwin.

Wow. There’s so many good things about Robin Hood from this movie. If you haven’t watched it I would recommend looking it up, it’s different from many other Robin Hoods in several ways 1. The main bad guy is not the sheriff or Prince John 2. Robin lives with his cousins at the beginning at the movie 3. Robin is not a nineteen year old, he’s actually about 35. 4. Robin loves Marian even though she’s not wealthy. 
 Okay, I know number 4 is funny because in a lot of movie Robin is not marrying Marian for her money but there was something supper sweet about the way he loves her even though she doesn’t have anything material to give him.
Also Robin cares for Marians younger brother who is also in the story.
In this Robin Hood, Robin is portrayed less as the dashing rouge that people have made him and more of a caring, gentle and gentlemanly character that I love. 

7.     Erik from Bell And The Beast
This is another little known movie that I just adore! As you can’t tell from the title it’s a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast and it is the best fairytale retelling I have even watched. It’s set in modern day with none of the magic that always bothered me in other fairytales.
Erik is a weather man very bitter towards God because of the death of his wife and towards people because of all the rumors they’ve spread about him. He’s another one of those characters that you love because their flawed. Erik has a bad temper and no reason to control it. But when Bell comes to be his assistant he suddenly has a reason. In the movie you really see Erik’s very hard struggle and Bell’s as well. What I liked about Erik best is that he doesn’t change instantly, but he does change.

8.     Robinson Crusoe from Crusoe

Philip Winchester in Crusoe. Just beautiful!

Boy Crusoe is an awesome TV series. And Crusoe was more than worthy of being the main character. Stranded on an island with only his friend, Friday, Crusoe struggles with being away from his family. One of the things that happens in this series is there’s a ship of pirates who’s ship crashes on the island and one of them is a girl who really likes Crusoe and even though their thousands of miles from his wife, Crusoe remains faithful. It’s not that he’s a rock, he’s tempted to like her but he has such a strong character and faith that he resist the temptation. That’s my favorite thing about Crusoe. Also he has very strong faith but it never get preachy.

9.     Nicolas from McGee and Me
McGee and Me// Childhood!!!
(Sorry about the poor quility of the photo, I couldn't find a better one)
Nicolas is a thirteen (I think) year old armature artist hanging around with his cartoon character McGee and going though some pretty cool adventures while trying to serve the lord to the best of his ability’s.
Know the number one reason I like the show and Nicolas are the same thing. They’re possible. Other the McGee talking (which is more in his imagination) everything in this show is stuff that could have happened to any kid.
Nicolas is an inventive, sanative and caring kid. One of the things I really appreciate about him is that he really dose try to think of others first. While he irates his sister, he also gives up stuff for her sometimes. 
10.  Lucius from Treasures In The Snow
Treasures of the Snow - DVD | A story of friendship and forgiveness, set in the beautiful Swiss Alps. | Available at

This is one of those characters I love more in the book then in the movie but he was good in the movie to.
Lucius is a boy struggling to overcome resentment and anger after he accidentally caused a young boy (Danny) to fall off a cliff and be crippled.  His main enemy is Danny’s sister who is out for revenge.
Lucius is one of my favorites because he struggles to overcome anger, which is something I struggle with also so we’re similar like that. Also he doesn’t give up after the first ‘battle’ he keeps on trudging through till he manages to overcome the cold shoulder people are giving him and also win Danny’s sister’s respect.

                                         11.  Jack from While You Were Sleeping
While You Were Sleeping - Bill Pullman as Jack Callaghan. Sigh.

Ohh where do you even get started with this awesome guy.
While You Were Sleeping is about a girl named Lucy who, though a whole set of circumstances, is mistaken for being engaged to Peter, Jacks brother. While Peter is unconsous in a hospital Jack’s family pulls a very lonely Lucy in and makes her feel loved. Jack likes Lucy but since he thinks shes engaged to Peter he never acts on it.
Why I love Jack: Because he knew he couldn’t have Lucy and was happy for his brother despite loving Lucy himself. He always treated Lucy with the upmost respect. He loved his family and would have done anything for them.
(Note: This movie is not full of drama like it sounds, its actually really cute and sweet, its just very hard to explain.)

12.  Apollo from Battle Star Galactica

Apollo is on a space ship on a mission to find earth along with a few hundred others. This show actually has about seven characters it follows but Apollo and Starbuck are the main people in it.
 Apollo is the commander’s son but he never flaunts it and he’s raising his only child, a young boy, now that his wife has died.
Apollo is one of my favorites because he’s not self-centered at all. He always makes sure others are okay before he takes care of himself.
He also is very pro-life. Not in a preachy way, but he believes every life is precious.

13.  Cody from The Christmas Card
Faith and Cody, The Christmas Card...I love this movie, my all-time favorite!!!

Ahh, Cody, last but defiantly not least.
Let me just start by saying: Cody is awesome. This may have a lot to do with the fact that he’s in the army and I’ve always liked movies about army guys but regardless, he’s cool.
I would tell you about the movie but I don’t know how without ruining half of it. But I will say it’s my favorite Christmas movie.
I like Cody because he’s not afraid of work and he’s very nice to everyone. He dislikes some people, yes, but he’s not mean to them because of that. He’s willing to back out when he thinks he’s not wanted but he’s not afraid to stand up for himself.

Well, that’s the last of the long line. I applaud you if you actually read all of that.
Do you like any of these heros?
Whos your favorite movie hero?



  1. Okay, where is Fess Parker from Daniel Boone?! I am totally offended! ;)

    1. Sorry, I'm not a huge Daniel Boone fan so... ;D Sorry I didn't get your favorite on here.

    2. Whaaaaaa???? Oh dear me.... I'm rendered speechless.

    3. Don't hyperventalate Julia. Its okay. ;D

  2. Of course I finished reading the post! ;) I am totally going to do this post on my blog - if ya don't mind of course! :) Thanks for the inspiration! Great post, Mikayla! TOTALLY do one for heroines! That'd be interesting and fun! And I would add Edmund Pevensie to my 'Favorite Heroes' list too! :D

    1. Oh your welcome to do this kind of post, I have no problem with you using it. =D Okay, I'll get to my favorite heroins asap. =) Thanks for commenting Micaiah! =D

  3. Love this list, Mikayla and all the thought you put into it.

  4. Loved your choices. You are awesome.


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