Monday, December 15, 2014

My life (In as many posts as it takes) #25


Note: I'm still working on this little tag thingy, so sorry it doesn't look the best. =P
Well, I'm sure most of you have them; a happy zone. I place you go when your tired, discouraged or sad. My zone happens to be my desk, with my mom computer, pulled up to my all time favorite blog, while I'm listaining to TobyMac's "Unstoppable".Also it never hurts to have a cup of iced tea and some soar cream and onion chips. ;D It never ceases to make me smile. =) 

Its just such a cute blog!! Who could like Jessicas blog???

With my cell phone in that tilited weird postion that happens to be the only place it gets reception at my house. The cell phone is part of my happy zone because my best friends text me on it. =) 

My documents up so I can work on any of my storys

One of my favorite songs playing

The small music silenction I have on my thumbdrive.

I've got to much self esteem: Above is the name of my thumbdrive. It refers to all the writing I have on it.

One of my favorite storys I'm writing: Just your Ordinary Girl"

A pinterest photo of my main character.

One of my favorite quotes. ;D

Something to remind me while I'm writing. =) 

My view right now. =) 

Also another happy place now that I've redesined and updated my pages a little!! Its just so nice to go on and see everything pretty. =D

My first pair of clip on earings. =) 

My sister made me a necklace.

The cat decided my desk was the purfect place to sleep the moment i moved the computer

Okay, so now you've seen all the things that cheer me up. 
Wheres you happy zone? 


  1. That is really neat! Well, my room or closet. My closet fits my desk perfectly, so I put some Christmas lights in there and some writing things, books, pens, paper, a bulletion board that I made, ect.. I also carry my messenger bag with me so I can write any time. :) Awesome writing place!! :D

    1. Awesome! =D I love little nooks. =D Since my desk is a corner desk I have a lot of room to spread out so sometimes I just put photos of my characters everywhere while I'm writing! =D Thanks Sarah! =D

    2. Ooh, that's nice! I found some photos of my characters that looked exactly like what was I imagining, which is pretty neat for the 1920-1930s. :)

    3. Awesome! =D I love it when I find pictures that look just like my characters. =D The first book I ever found my characters for was my fourth and I found all three of my main characters. =D

  2. This is awesome! I think my happy place is outside cause whenever I get mad or sad I go outside and sit on the swing. Although not for long cause its either to hot or to cold. ;(

    1. Yea, outside is always an uncertain place to go most of the time. =P When I'm SUPER mad I go outside, no matter the weather but just for every other irritating instance I use my desk. =)
      Thanks for commenting Ellie! =D


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