Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Winter Wasteland Tag

Hey everyone! 
Jessica at (Almost) Perfectly Pink  and Hannah at Tomboy In a Tired Skirt nominated me for The Winter Wasteland tag! =D

Here's what you do:

1.) Answer this question:              

                 What do you usually do when snow starts falling and you are unable to get out of the house?
   2.)  List 5-15 things to answer the question / things that you like to do in winter.
   3.)  Tag 5-10 people

Easy right? =)

Well, before I get to the list I'm just gonna say, it doesn't snow in Texas. Well, except about once every five years so when it snows I'm out in, playing, taking photos and most importantly, making snow ice cream. =D So this list is primarily stuff just to do when its cold. =) 

1. Make up your own tag. Seriously I never even really thought about making my own tag till recently but Julia has proved a bit that even a tag itself keeps people busy! =D 

2.Sort your files. I don't know about ya'll but about every six months I have to go through my computer files and clean everything out, get rid of old stuff and most of the time I find something I apsalutly love in a hidden folder! =D Not to mention it just makes it so nice to look at once its all clean. =) 

3. Stalk a friend. No not in the creepy way but sometimes its really fun to pick one of your freinds and then email them, call them, text them, comment on their blog. Let them know you love them enough just to talk to them randomly! =D 

4. Write!! Winter is the perfect time to write. So pull up a chair, grab a laptop or notebook, brew some tea and drive into your story! =D 

5. Write blog posts in advance. It saves a lot of time later on! 

There we go. =) I hope ya'll enjoyed my list! 

I nominate: 
Anyone who wants to do it. =) 


P.S. What do ya'll think of the new design? I had a lot of fun playing with it. =D


  1. I love the new design! It's really cute. :)

    1. Thanks! I was a little worried you would like it, you know, with all the pink. But I'm glad you do. =D

  2. Thanks for doing this! :D I really liked #1! ;) And, your design!!! Oh Mikayla!! I love it! :D

    1. Thanks for creating it! It was lots of fun! =D Thanks, I like it a lot to. =D


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