Friday, January 23, 2015

Food for Thought #1

Sometimes I’m not honest

Yes, I know that was probably met with a lot of sarcastic gasps and people saying “Well you are mortal after all” but it really does hurt sometimes.
One of the things I really try hard at is to give my opinion honestly when asked or on blog posts on friend. Or in anything really.
I failed, miserably. 
One of my friends did a post and not wanting to offend her I said I really liked the post. Which was a half-truth. I liked the post but I didn't agree with the point she made in it. She had thought out all the points very well and I appreciated that but I just didn't agree with her at all.
Now the girl that wrote the post I’m talking about knows what post it is because I've since apologized and told her I really didn't agree with her so you don’t have to worry about it being you.
My point of this rambling?
Always tell the truth, but use tacit. Think through weather you’re just telling the truth because you want them to know you think there wrong or if you feel you should really confront them about this.
There’s a very fine line between these two and in my opinion, you should pray about it and then if you don’t have a clear answer one way or the other just stay silent. You can always say something latter if you feel you really need to.
Sorry this was a short post but I felt I really needed to say something.

“How painful honest words are!” Job 6:25


  1. Great post, Mikayla. Honestly. :D Look forward to seeing more!

    1. Thanks Lauren. I'm looking forward to posting more. =)


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